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16 Mar 11 How to Promote your Photography Skill?

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Are you the rare photographer with god gifted skill and an eye for detail? Do you like to captivate each living moment in frames? But if your photography skill isn’t fetching you much money, it’s the time to rethink upon your marketing strategy. Even good things often go wasted when not promoted effectively.

Here are few effective marketing tips.

Know your niche

Many good photographers are often seen claiming to be good in every area of photography, which is actually quite impossible these days. So find your niche area. Find in which type of photography you are actually stunning. It could be any – wild life photography, fashion photography, product photography. Make sure you excel in one area and build a fabulous portfolio of the same. Soon you will be known for your niche specialization. Write your area of specialization like your business card, letter heads.

Get listed

It’s very important for people to find you. Get visible. Get seen on photography related directories, photography journals, search engine, magazines so that your target audience can easily reach you. Not only your target market, it will also help you to be recognized in the photography industry.

Photography websites

Put your best photographs in all photography archive websites. You may still reserve rights with you by maintaining copyrights. Your photographs in such sites will draw many people close to you, who will follow you and turn your fan.

Facebook page

These days a major a tool of online marketing is through Facebook. Own a Facebook page where you can build your fan list. Put your best photographs, it is more like virtual exhibition of your talent before the world. Update your Facebook status often, ask for people’s feedback, and also follow great photographers you admire. Eventually they will also get to know you and may love your work too. You may also join photographers’ communities.

Professional tips

You may soon evolve as the best expert of photography. Start your own web page or forum or blog, where you promote yourself as the solution provider to newbie or aspirants. You can help people with expert advices and suggestions.

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