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24 Oct 10 How to Write a Movie Review?

If you think you are a movie addict and comprehend the art of movie making, reviewing movies could be a good career option for you. A good sense of characterization, aesthetics, exposure to global films, understanding of art and music, storytelling could make you a genius movie reviewer.

Here are some guidelines for movie reviewing.

Watch a lot of films

Watch as many films as you can, irrespective of their, genre, language, origin, time, country. Even if the film is repulsive, watch it. Seeing bad will only make you realize the worth of good ones and appreciate with open heart. So enjoy. While you watch them, also critically analyze them in your mind. Think how it could be better.

Analyze the movie plot

Storyline is the actual hero of a film. A bad story can even ruin magic of huge stars in it. Critically watch its story, how it unfolds, where it twists, how it makes the unexpected happen, how it teases audience and where it reaches. Was the story new or quite old? Was it well connected or had many loopholes? Was it boring or exciting?


Music is soul of a movie. It can be a song, or a background track. It can be vocal or instrumental. Learn about music. Realize how music sets mood of a movie and can silently carve an emotion. How good was the singer or the lyrics – analyze all.


One most important part of a movie is its cinematography; the way camera has captured moments and how aesthetically it’s done makes the difference between a Tom, Dick and Harry with a genius film maker. Critically observe cinematography.


A good script can also see a pre-matured death, because of poor acting of its actors. Analyze each expression of the actor. What he or she lacks? What is his or her strength? Did the actors get along well on scene?


Immediately after the movie, analyze how you feel. Sad, happy, scared, nostalgic, humble, kind, loved – what are you feeling? Every movie leaves with a feeling stirred behind. At times a movie is not just entertaining but also leaves with a lesson behind. Was the ending abrupt or well laid and though out?

Once you have written in detail, give it a grade on the basis of your take on it ranging from A+ to F- or 5 star marks to 1 star mark. Remember to be frank. Don’t think about how others will react or what others think. Write as per your own judgment, which should be logical and not biased.

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