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16 Jan 10 Improving Your Google PageRank

Increasing your Google PageRank is extremely important if you want your website to appear in Google searches more often.  Google’s  PageRank feature is how Google will judge your website.  Your PageRank is based upon how many quality websites link to yours, thereby determining your sites importance from these statistics.  If you want your site to get more Google search attention, you have to have a decent PageRank.

So the best way to approach improving your PageRank, is simply by getting your website out there.  Network and exchange links with as many like minded sites and businesses as possible.  Try to search out sites with higher traffic volumes, and higher PageRanks, as these are the more likely to increase your individual PageRank.  The more quality websites that link back to yours, the better Google will view your site.  The importance of networking just can’t be overstated.  That’s your internet bread and butter, and the better networked you are, the better your website is going to perform.

Remember to use SEO (search engine optimization) for everything you write, as this helps with all things regarding Google.  Your PageRank is also more likely to be higher if you make effective use of SEO.  It will increase search engine success, and the popularity of your site.  Both of which you need to build your Google presence, and therefore your website’s overall presence.

But also remember that improving your Google PageRank isn’t as likely to increase traffic as SEO.  Just because your site has a higher PageRank, does not mean that you’re the most likely to pop up first with a given keyword.  The only way to make that work is SEO and linking to as many other popular websites as possible.  These will also build your PageRank, and should remain your focus for building website traffic.

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