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04 Feb 10 A Job-Search Guide to Help People Over 45 – V

In this part of the series, we shall talk about you again, but this time the focus will be on how walking an extra mile will help you get a job when you are in your 40s and unemployed. Well, I know physically you are not as capable as you were in 20s to walk the extra mile, but at times one has to pluck all the courage and set the foot forward.

Do not whimper over pay cut

If the economy is down or there is too much supply than there is demand for qualified professions, which no longer is an exception, then you may not get the price you expect to get even if you get the job. Do not just leave the job on the table just because you are not offered the salary you deserve; a pay-cut is something expected for a person of your age. Get a job, get a pay cut, and wait for the right opportunity and switch when offered a better salary. Looking for a job when employed is by far much easier than searching for a job when out of job.

Agree to work odd hours

It indeed is too much to ask of a mid-aged man who has lost or are on the verge of losing physical vitality of youth, but there is no way out. The market forces do not take your age or your condition in consideration; it works on its own matrix taking supply and demand as a basis. Hence, you are required to adapt yourself to the situation. You have a family to keep and bills to pay, so I will suggest you to accept work that requires you to work odd hours.

Let go of benefit

I know it sounds crazy at first, but consider this: if you already have a solid pension plan and your wife already have family health insurance then why will you need another health benefit? Leaving benefits will put in advantageous position vis-à-vis other job seekers. You can ask for slightly higher pay check even.

I hope these tips will help you find a job easily. Will get back in the next installment, till then stay fit and keep looking.

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28 Jan 10 A Job-Search Guide to Help People Over 45 – II

As we discussed in the first part of the series, getting a job after 45 is slightly difficult. But, with a slight preparation, you can remove the negativity attached with your age and get a well-paying job. The goal of this article is to tell you about that.

Be positive

Believe it or not, it reflects. Your positivity oozes out of everything you do and so does negativity. What people will think about you depends upon what you give away (positive or negative vibes). Most of the people get frustrated after couple of failures to land in a job. They become hopeless, but you need to understand hopelessness is not the solution, nor is the frustration. One has to tread forward until it becomes easy to walk and then run in full throttle.

Do not wait for a perfect job

Perfection is an illusion, and that too a bad one. Nothing is perfect, neither you, nor me, nor this article, and nor the job you are seeking. You must realize that you are no longer young, and you have a family to support, so you do not have the luxury to leave jobs coming your way. You need to be realistic of the situation, and be ready to compromise on the quality of job, and slightly on the paycheck you are offered, at least till you get what you want.

Update yourself

The biggest reason behind unemployment of people over 40s is their inability to keep themselves abreast of changes in technology. You need to update yourself with the changes in technology. By becoming up-to-date, you place yourself on equal footing with the youth, which will blunt the edge of negativity concerning your age. A 40+ person with good knowledge of recent technology is an asset for any company.

Think over it, and make a list of things that you think you do not know but are hot favorite among young people. See if those things are raising their employability, if it does then consider learning them.

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27 Jan 10 A Job-Search Guide to Help People Over 45 – I

If you are young then finding a job is difficult only when the economy is down and the companies has stopped hiring new people, but as soon as you cross the 40 mark, getting a job in even a bullish economy with lots of companies hiring starts becoming difficult.

What with the age?

Well, it has less to do with the age, and more to do with the newness in technology and failure of mid-aged individuals to deal with them. As it often happens, people in their mid-to-late forties tend to become slow on learning.

Another thing that keeps people in mid-to-late forties away from job is the salary they seek. I am not saying that you should not be compensated fairly, or at least you should get the sum you need to pay your bills and put some amount in savings.

But, this is not how people running businesses think. They are less inclined towards humanitarian goals, and more towards raking moola and increasing profit. Young people, despite their inexperience, are considered more apt for this goal as teaching new tricks to new horse is comparatively easy and so is taming them.

Then how to get a job in 40s?

This is the question that keeps people in 40s and jobless awake at nights. These are the people who have family to support, and maybe kids to send to university. Unemployment in such time is very difficult to deal with.

But, fortunately there is a way out and in this series I will tell you what to do to get hired. The advices shared will be workable. Do not treat this series as a read-and-forget series. Work on the suggestions shared. If I were you, I would have subscribed to the RSS feed. Do it now and stay up-to-date with the series.

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