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29 Aug 10 What America Wants: Money, Health, or Knowledge?

Americans want to be richer more than they want to be wiser, and they want to be thinner more than they want to be younger. Americans have revealed this in a poll conducted by Adweek Media and Harris.

43% of the respondent, across the age group, said that given a chance they will want to be richer than anything else — anything being thinner, smarter, and younger. More than 50% Americans between 18 and 44 years of age favored riches to smartness.

Overall, 21% wants to be thinner, 14% smarter, and 12% said they want to be younger, whereas, 9% did not show any interest in any of them.

On the upside, people between 18 and 34 years of age said they want to be smarter (16%), and respondents between 35 and 44 years of age said they want to be thinner. 19% of 55+ people want to be richer, and 53% between 35 and 54 want to be richer. (See image for complete result).


The finding is strange in more than one respect. Despite the fetish for remaining young (at least assumed fetish), very few want to be young. And not many Americans want to be smart, which is sad.

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27 Mar 10 Bad Ad Can Prevent Buyer from Buying from You

A good advertisement may not make a buyer purchase your product, but a bad advertisement will definitely stop a buyer from purchasing from you. This is what a poll conducted by Adweek Media and Harris Interactive has revealed.

In the poll, around 35% of the American consumers have said that they will not purchase a brand because the brand had a distasteful advertisement. Another 28% respondents said that they have said that they didn’t buy the product because they did not like the spokesperson used by the brand, while another 27% said they didn’t buy because of the program and event sponsored by the brand.

This poll has given a strong message to the marketers, and now everyone is forced to be diligent in choosing what to say, how to say where to say, and whom to use to say it. In other words, companies will need to be more careful in deciding their advertisement message, creative expression of the message, program and events to sponsor, and brand ambassador to choose.

We have often spoken if a celebrity has an impact on a brand or not. This poll clearly suggests that it does have an effect on consumer purchase. Marketers now need to be cautious in choosing a spokesperson for a brand, and in the light of this poll, running an extensive test run of advertisements is advisable. See image for the poll result.

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15 Jan 10 Is Online Social News Killing Newspaper Industry?

The newspaper readership is going down. Perhaps, the readership is at time low. I was wondering, could it be that Google alert, twitter, and other online breaking news services are killing the newspaper? Well, it could be the reason for decline in the newspaper readership. The graying readership is an indication of the trend.

In a poll conducted in December 2009 by Adweek Media and Harris interactive it was found that only people above 55 (64 percent) reads the news paper almost daily, whereas, only 23 percent young people (aged between 18 and 34) reads the news paper daily either online or in print. 17% youth in the same bracket said they never read the newspaper. See the image below for the complete result of the online poll conducted between December 14 and 16, 2009. It has a sample size of 2,136 U.S. adults.

The research will be a major blow to already declining newspaper industry as the major spenders do not read newspaper. The industry should gear up to move into related category before the revenue source dries out, or it should find a way to reinvent itself, if the industry wants to survive the digital blow.

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