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02 Nov 09 Write an Article in Less than 20 Minutes

Writing fast is the dream cherished by every writer, casual or professional. Some achieves it and other just hope to achieve it. In this post, I will reveal the secret of writing fast. Just follow the steps written below and you will end up writing a well-crafted piece in less than 20 minutes.

Step 1: Research the subject matter

Before beginning to write, gather some key information related to the topics you are going to write about in the article. Do not waste your time in finding every aspect related to the subject at hand. Find only what is necessary to explain what you want to write. Once they are handy, stop researching.

Step 2: Remove all distraction

Switch off your cell phone or put it in silent, remove your landline cord (if you cannot put it in silent), log out from your mail as well as social book marking accounts, log out from all instant messaging services, and also remove the internet connection for the time being.

Step 3: Write down the bullet points

Be quick and write down the bullet points that you are going to cover in the article. It should not take much time, if your pre-writing research is in place.

Step 4: Do not write and edit

Avoid using backspace and delete key when you are writing. Leave the editing work for later. Right now focus your energy on crafting the piece.

Step 5: Edit

Do not waste a life time editing an article. This is nothing but a sheer waste of time, unless you are sending your article for some research or academic journal. Remove the issues you had while writing the article.


Follow these steps and your writing will be quick. Do you wish to know how much time did it take me to write this short piece? Well it took me 9 minutes to write all this. It could have been 6 or 7, if I had not fall prey to editing while writing. Hope, you will not make the same mistake that I did while writing this, and get the work done real quick.

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