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07 Aug 11 Why Newsletters are Often Marked As ‘Spam’ by the Receiver?

Newsletter is an effective tool for brand promotion, which people effectively use to reach out the regular and prospective customers. But at times, such newsletters are not warmly welcomed, rather are thrown to the trash by marking as ‘Spam’. Have you ever thought what makes a newsletter destined for the spam box? Here are some reasons.

Too often intrusion

A newsletter which keeps coming to the subscribers’ inbox frequently is a sheer disturbance for them. No one wants sales messages every day. Do not send newsletters so often. Keep a nominal gap between two consecutive newsletters.

Forced newsletters

At times desperate marketers send out the sales newsletters randomly and intrude into privacy. At times, if a person visits a website for some purchase or registers for membership, the website holder counts the person as interested in newsletter and keep sending newsletter even without due permission. Such acts are highly annoying and the recipients do not hesitate to mark such newsletter as ‘spam’ and throw to the trash bin.

Nothing so special

At times marketers assume a newsletter is good enough to induce sales and does not need any added attraction. If you are planning releasing monthly newsletter for your brand to the target group of customers, make sure your every newsletter induces prospects to buy. It can be certain amount of discount or free gifts or offers like ‘Buy 2, Get 2 Free’ etc. Or you may send out newsletters in case of a new launch or some occasion or festival related offer. If there is no such festival approaching, you may simply connect with the season and make the best of it. People open newsletters to find a new offer, not to find ‘Buy from us’ kind of messages. Thus a good newsletter is always thematic, based on some central theme or idea.

Too chaotic

A good design is very important for a newsletter. Even if you need to inform the prospect or educate about something, you can’t afford to bore him or frustrate with a long newsletter, with too much information and cramped breathing space. Keep words minimum, crispy yet attractive. Use good combination of color as per the theme. Layout should be neat with enough white space for the eye to move around easily.

These are the few common mistakes that newsletters carry at times and therefore are destined to be in spam box. Don’t let these silly shortcomings spoil destiny of your newsletter.

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