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05 Dec 09 How to Write a Press Release


A press release is a marketing device used by the public relation department of the organization to inform media and public about the newsworthy development in the organization. It could also be targeted towards informing and building confidence in investors and other stakeholders.

There is a certain process of writing a press release, which I am discussing in the paragraphs below. Before you write a press release, you need to keep in mind that journalists (the primary target audience of your press release) are busy people, so you should not bog them down with your epic press release. Your press release should not be more than one page consisting of 4 to 5 short paragraphs.

Mechanics of press release

Paragraph 1

The first paragraph of the press release should contain the actual news. What has happened, who made it happen, when it happened, where it happened, and why it matters to the readers.

Paragraph 2

Build up on the above paragraph and describe succinctly about the news. This should also contain the information related to the release to put the event or the news in the right perspective.

Paragraph 3

This paragraph would contain further details about the news, and a direct quote from CEO, president or director of the company. You can also have a quote from the vice president or head of the department that is being covered in the press release. For example, you can also put a quote from marketing VP or marketing head, if the release talks about market condition.

Paragraph 4

A brief history of the organization, and its financial and other vital statistics could be provided in this paragraph.

Paragraph 5

Another direct quote from either marketing director, VP, HR head, IT head, etc., should be given to give an overall perspective on the news. You can also use CEO’s statement here. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that the person who was quoted in the third paragraph should not be quoted here. Readers and journalists need two different perspectives from two different quarters.

Closing thought

Do not forget to provide contact information of the concerned person at the bottom of the press release. Journalists may need to talk to someone to get further clarification on the release.

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05 Nov 09 Learn to Write a Website Review

Every reviewer has different reasons to write a website review. Some write it to get paid, while other write to get more traffic; yet another group of writers write it to get writing assignments. Bloggers also get paid for writing website reviews (paid review). Whatever your motivation is for writing a website review, there are certain principles that you need to follow, which you will know if you stick to this post till the end.

Elements of a website review


A brief introduction about the purpose of the website you are going to review is very critical. In the introduction write in brief what the website is about, and give a brief history of the company and what it does. You can also mention in brief your opinion about the website.


Design is the first thing anyone notice when he comes to a website. Analyze the following layout of the content and try to answer the following questions.

  • Is it too cluttered? Or is it clutter-free?
  • Does the color-scheme of the website good for the niche it operates in?
  • Is it appealing?
  • Is it easy to find information on the website?
  • Is the design SEO-friendly?


Navigation plays an important role in the whole website. Try to answer the following question in your review.

  • Is the navigation intuitive?
  • How many clicks does it require before you can reach the desired page?
  • Are all page connected to the home page?
  • Is the website using flash, Java-script or any other scripting for the navigation?
  • How flat is the navigation? Or is it too-much layered?
  • Are there any broken link?
  • On which side of the website is the navigation?
  • Does the website have an HTML and an XML site map?
  • Is the navigation SEO-friendly?

Focus element

Focus element of the website is the core of the website, for which the website has been built. It’s the intent of the website is clear.

  • Is the intent of the website clear?
  • Does the focus element of the website express the objective?
  • How quickly can a visitor tell what the website is about?
  • What’s the website trying to accomplish?


Content of a website is its lifeline. The quality of content will determine how long visitors stay on the website? The quality of the website’s content will determine if a visitor will return or not, and whether he will make a purchase or not.

  • Is the content relevant to the website? Does it serve the purpose of the website?
  • Is it well-written?
  • Does it make sense?
  • Does it contain grammatical, punctuation, or structural errors?
  • Is the content professionally written?
  • Is it SEO-friendly?

This is the basics of writing a website review. In case you need to go into more complex details when writing a website review then I will suggest you to wait till the next article comes along. Until then practice writing basic review using the elements suggested above.

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