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21 Dec 10 Ideas for Personalized Gifting

Gifting is an age old process, but a gift always brings a smile on face of the recipient. Perhaps that’s why the gifting concept has evolved and has remained evergreen. Have you ever thought how to make your gifts memorable and eternal? Rather than gifting same traditional clothes, cutleries, jewelries, books, toys, flowers why not gift your beloved one something special and customized which will be different from others?

Here are few ideas about customizing gift items.

Customized coffee mug

You can customize a coffee mug as per the taste, preference, and personality of the recipient. If the recipient is quite close to you and you have shared special moments with him or her, you can put such photos on the coffee mug. Add a nice line to it or a poem. Further decorate the mug with designs like flower petals, leaves, stars and different shades of colors. Recipient would love to keep such mugs all his life. You can also make such mugs interactive. The mug may have your picture in grayscale, but will turn bright and colorful when hot drink is poured into it.

Customized bed spread

When you are in a loving relationship with someone special and close to your heart you can gift a bedspread with photographs of both of you, some love quotes, hearts floating on the bedspread. A nicely designed bedspread will make the recipient store it with great care and love, forever.

Customized desktop calendar

A desktop calendar not only reminds about date, but also beautifies our desk. If you can ideate a nice desktop calendar with personal pictures of beautiful moments and nice lines below it, it will not only beautify the room but also find a place in heart.

Customized dummy publication article

You may publish a dummy article exactly like newspaper or magazine article with you and your beloved one’s picture and a nice write up of your love story. Many designers make such dummy publication articles. It should look exactly like the original publication release. You can present the same to your beloved one on anniversary or Valentine’s Day. It’s ultimate romantic possession which will proudly display your love story.

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