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You shouldn’t bother buying a domain name from some fellow in an auction who happens to own the first word association that pops into your mind. Instead of handing over a large amount of money, why not invest in some time to think it over?  Although choosing the best domain name for your website may seem difficult, the best techie advice would suggest you automate your process, which could be as simple as submitting a search on words ending in -us!


I am sure you’ve heard of It redirects to, but as a .us domain and social bookmarking site, I can’t help thinking that their creativity was first sparked from the lack of interesting domain names available. If you can take something short and to the point from your search on word navigator, your next step would be to check it’s availability.  The following guidelines can speed up the process:


  • Since there are 3,563 words that end in -us at the time of this posting, the easiest thing to do would be to copy and paste each list (by length) into a text document, which took me about 7 minutes.  You probably won’t take as long, if you copy and paste only half of all the words.
  • In the document, click Edit and Select All. Proceed to toggle the bullets off.  Then use Ctrl+F and type us into the search box.  Click on Find All. You will notice that the -us ending has been selected for all of the words.  Now click on Replace All. Your document should no longer have any of the -us endings.
  • If your document is 75 pages long, perhaps it would be best to weed out words before continuing.  Or you can copy and paste the words in only chunks (maybe 30 words) at a time into this domain name regristration search (clicking on the us extension, while unselecting the com extension), so that your internet browser doesn’t freeze up during the process.

Of the first thirty words I submitted, 14 were available.  Here is my example chunk with unavailable .us domain names crossed out:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


Honestly, if I were a business looking for an attractive and modern domain name, would be my first pick!  If you don’t know, gumptious is an adjective that means enterprising (synonym to energetic, industrious, up-and-coming).  Or how about  Hurry up, domain names like these will soon fill up the Web 2.0 (or is it 3.0) scene!  If you really don’t care what the domain name is and just want to set something up quickly, your best bet would be to submit one or two words into a domain name suggestion tool.

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