What Internet Will Be Like in 2010

The first and eventful decade of the 21st century has come to an end. And in this decade not only we have recovered from the dotcom bust, but we have also marched ahead to add expert layer to the web (web 3.0).

What changed in the 1st decade?

  • In the decade that is passing by, Blogging, video sharing, pod casting, and rich media content has come huge.
  • Web which was nothing but a cheap imitation of broadcast media in the beginning of the decade has changed, and now it is more of a conversational media.
  • Top-down approach of communication of web 1.0 (web in the beginning of 2000) gave way to two way communication.
  • Comments and feedback become a huge force on the Internet.
  • People became social.
  • Friendster went out and got replaced by Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn.
  • People felt the power of 140 characters as twitter, plurk, identi.ca, and like flourished.
  • Sharing has become a new nature
  • People started voicing their concern with click of a mouse.
  • Broadband become ubiquitous.
  • Computer is not only medium for web access. More and more people started using handheld devices to access the net.
  • Techcrunch, lifehacker, boingboing, and the likes become more popular on the net then AOL, Times and other biggies.
  • Being on the first page of Digg has become cooler than being on the top 10 list of the New York Times.
  • Social bookmarking became a huge force.
  • Search engine became more intelligent.
  • Cloud computing is a serious business now.

This is in no way a complete list of what has changed in the first decade of the twenty-first century.

What to expect in 2010

  • Authority will rule.
  • People with real knowledge about their field will become more important.
  • Web will go semantic
  • Search engines will become more intolerant of shoddy SEO practices
  • Web will become personal and portable
  • Big content sites like ehow, about.com will become prominent.
  • Broadband will become more popular.
  • You will be more important as an individual than as member of tribe.
  • Technology will go open source.
  • Chrome OS will see the light of the day.
  • Wolfram Alpha will become a default search engine for hard data.
  • Bing will put a big dent in Google search.
  • More and more SEO will happen for Bing.
  • Search result will become more personal and local

These and several other changes will happen in 2010. Let’s wait and see how it unfolds, but for now let’s bid adieu to 2009. Bye, Bye 2009!

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