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06 Aug 09 7 Commandments of Freelance Writing

1st Commandment: Thou Shalt Have a Dependable Computer

When I say, a dependable computer, I mean a computer that functions properly without freezing for hours. If your computer or laptop – I am not in favor of using laptop as a primary device, but you can use it as secondary device for the time when you are out – works fine with your word processing program or office suite, internet browsers, chat clients, and FTP client then you can stick with it.

2nd Commandment: Thou Shalt Get a Mechanical Keyboard

You should have a good keyboard that allows swift typing. If you are using a keyboard that has membrane-based keys then I will suggest buying a spring-based (mechanical) keyboard like TVS Gold, next time when you are out shopping for a keyboard.

A keyboard with spring-based (mechanical) keys not only sounds sweet but it lasts for long. I am using mine for more than 3 years and it is still as swift and soft as any new keyboard could be. I use TVS Gold. No membrane keyboard will last even half as long, no matter how expensive it is. Go for the sweet metallic, typewriter-like sound of a mechanical keyboard. Mechanical keyboards are expensive but it is worth the investment. Do not worry much about price when buying a keyboard. After all, this is the device that will earn you your living.

3rd Commandment: Thou Shalt Ask For Work

Do not assume that the client has just so much work to give you. He may be employing other freelancers to do his work. Why don’t you show him, how eager you are to take more responsibility? Also convey that you have sufficient time to do justice with the new work.

Have you contacted your ex-clients lately? If you have not done so, do it now! Drop a mail and ask if there is anything you can help him with, and also emphasize how satisfied or delighted he was while working with you in the past.

4th Commandment: Thou Shalt Follow the Laggards

In freelance writing career, each one of us ends up working with a client or two, who delays the payments as much as he could. Do not forget to follow them up, and make a polite request to pay your dues every time you communicate.

5th Commandment: Thou Shalt Communicate Well

Do you talk to your client regularly? If not, why? And also do not restrict yourself to using only IMs (instant messaging). Call him, mail him and if he is in the neighborhood, drop in.

6th Commandment: Thou shalt set Your Income Goal

You should have a clear income goal in mind, which should be revised every month or every quarter. Set your income target and go for it. Do not forget to be realistic in setting income goal for the month or for the quarter!

7th Commandment: Thou Shalt constantly be on the Lookout

Do not rest on your laurels, and do not count only on what you have. Keep on chasing new work. Who knows when one or more of the existing clients abruptly decided to stop taking your services! And who knows the new client you will get is better paying than the one you have now! Keep looking.

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