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Playing multiple video formats in Windows

How many times have you encountered a situation where you know that you downloaded a video file or you are opening a website where you should be able to watch a clip but ended up staring at a blank screen instead?

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Windows 7: The next-generation Windows software

As of this writing, Windows 7 is currently in its first beta build.  And for the first time, it seems that Microsoft is reaping praise from software testers for what they tout as the most stable operating system that Microsoft has produced so far.   Even during the early alpha stages of the operating system originally [...]

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Opening archived files

Storage space has always been a concern for computer users. This has been such a big issue for those who were into computers in its early years since storage space was sparse and came at a premium. Though storage media for computers has steadily become larger in recent years, the need to transfer files over a network or through the internet still meant that making files smaller is still something that is desirable in today’s computing world.

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