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10 Sep 10 3 Biggest Benefits of Part-time Freelancing

The side benefit of being a knowledge worker is the fact that you can anytime start on your own and make yourself free from the grind of “leaving home at 8.30 and returning god knows when.” And did I forget to say nosy bosses?

But, as you can guess it, the road less travelled is not nicely paved, so there could be a lot of patches, holes, dust, dirt, broken patches, and even molten pitches, so to speak on the road to freedom. You need to be cautious when faring through such road. That is why part-time freelancing is always a good idea before you embark on this life-changing journey. To help you take an informed decision, I am going to show you the 3 biggest benefits that part-time freelancing offers.

3 biggest benefits of part-tome freelancing

Get an opportunity to test the water

It is always wise to test the water before you leap into it completely submerging yourself up till your nose. By starting part-time freelancing you can test if the quality of your output is worth its salt or not. Based on the feedback you get from your clients and experiences you earn, you can fine tune your skills and yourself to make it marketable.

Extra bucks in extra time

Part time freelancing also helps you put some extra bucks in your pockets, every single day. This money could be used to meet your financial obligations and even you can use it to finance your vacation. Yes, you can earn this much to support your vacation.

Still get to put bread on the table and smile on your kid’s face

This is the biggest benefit of part-time freelancing. It allows you to keep your current job, which inevitably mean putting bread on the table and smile on your kid’s face — well, on the faces of everyone in the family.

Before you utter the highly motivated, adrenaline-charged two-word phrase, “I quit”, you should start your freelancing career as a part-timers, which you can turn anytime into a fulltime venture.

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28 Sep 09 5 More Ways to Improve Your Writing Part-VIII

The actual process of writing is indeed a lonely undertaking, but many things happen before you sit and start writing, and these many things shape your writing, therefore going out is as important as is sitting alone to write. In this part of the 5 Ways to Improve Your Writing series, I will talk about the benefits of socializing.

Writing group

Join a writing group in your neighborhood. Make sure it is not very far because distance works as a deterrent for many new writers. If you could not find a writing group in your neighborhood, form one.

Book reading club

Become a member of a book reading club. This will help you refine your existing ideas, and it will also help you get new ideas. Reading is the best advice that can be given to a writer. A writer who does not read cannot produce a good quality work for long. If there is not any book reading club in your neighborhood then form one.

Socialize with writers

Talking to fellow writers will help you unearth many hidden issues, and it will also help you find answers of many unasked questions as well. A practicing writer can become a better guide in telling you how to write, how to use different writing tools, and how to keep your writing simple yet powerful.

Meet someone who is not like you

Meeting a person who is not like you, and who has different point of view, desires, values, etc., will give you a good understanding in human nature. Meet a person of such standing and reflect on the experience you have by meeting him, and the experiences he or she shared with you.

Leave your couch

This is important. Your couch has become your comfort zone, or is it your chair that has become your comfort zone? Challenge yourself and break free. I am asking you to leave your comfort zone, and try meeting new people, and experiencing new things. The more experience you will bag, the better accomplished writer you will become.

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17 Sep 09 Make A Great First Impression

Knowing how to make a fantastic first impression is ridiculously important.  Not only could this make or break a job interview, but it could also have a huge influence on your candidacy for promotions at your job.  By giving a good first impression, you instill a positive memory into everyone meeting you for the first time.  Ensuring that when they look back on potential job candidates, you’ll have a warm place in the selection.  Not to mention the fact that it’s extremely hard to repair any damage done by making a bad first impression, especially at a job interview.

Work on your body language.  You want to have a good healthy natural posture, and to look positive and upbeat.  Smile, not a ridiculous fake smile, but a genuine smile that shows you are a positive person.  People want positive attitudes in the office, as they make getting work done all the easier.  Nobody wants more negativity in the air, and appearing as though you’d only add some is a very bad thing.  So make eye contact, keep that smile working, and stay relaxed and comfortable.

Make sure that you’re a friendly and fun person through professional, and appropriate joking or laughing, or conversation.  Stay away from politically charged topics that people tend to have strong opinions about, like religion, government, etc.  Stick to more simple ideas or topics, or anecdotes about your own life and experiences.  Anything to show that you’re an open person, and one that is genuinely interested in communicating with others.

Keep your attire professional, and make sure that you match.  You want to choose clothing that’s flattering, as well as professional.  Anything to help you look more positive and friendly.  Pick an outfit that says you’re a friendly open person.  Hardworking, but also a good person to have around, to make the environment more comfortable for everyone around.

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