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26 Jul 09 How to Build a Home Office

In the last article, we talked about why a freelancer need to have a home office, and I guess, I succeeded in building case in favor of a small home office. Hence, in this article, we will see what all we need to have in our no-frills small home office to help us work efficiently. Before we begin with buying stuffs for our home office, let us first unclutter the space where we want to create our imagination-pod.

Get a lonely unused corner

The first step in establishing a functional home office is to leave your bedroom, and search for an unused space, not necessarily corner, to setup your home office. By shifting your works to one designated area, you will free up your personal space and time, and the home office will send a signal to your unconscious mind that as soon as you start moving towards that special area, your body should get prepared for work.

By separating your work place from your bedroom, you can also control the inflow of distracting stimuli to your work space. I would suggest you to keep the decoration of your home office to painting the wall with a darker shade of your favorite color, and having a clock or clocks, depending upon the geographical locations of your clients.

The agenda of this article is not to tell the rich kids about what all fancy stuffs they should keep in their home offices, but the goal of this article is to provide a list of basic things that you must have in your home office.

Must-have Home Office Tools

Well, if you are building your home office to impress your friend, family and relative then go for the latest hi-tech gadgets, but if your intention is to do some real work in there then invest your hard-earned money in buying the tools that you cannot do without. The following list includes the things you should keep in your home office:

  • Personal computer, or a laptop
  • All-in-one printer, fax, copier and scanner
  • At least a landline or a cell phone
  • Stapler, pen, pencil, blank sheets, glue, adhesive, tape, sharpener, eraser, scale and other stationary.
  • A portable Hard disk for data backup
  • A coffee-mug holder to save your desk from coffee spills
  • Visiting card holder
  • Blank Media
  • Bulletin Board to affix to-do list
  • Ideation board
  • Stickies, and
  • Dictionary

Can you come up with more must-have office tools? Well, help me out in making this list exhaustive.

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