KIDO’Z browser for young kids

As a parent, you must always be worried about what your young kid is doing when he or she is on internet. The kid can by chance or sometimes knowingly stumble upon sites which you do not consider safe or morally right. It is not possible to be always looking out for what the child is doing and what activities is he engaged into. A very vivid solution to this problem has been provided by KIDOZ LTD, an Israeli startup in the form of KIDO’Z.A web browser specially created for kids so that they can browse internet safely and you need not be on surveillance all the time. This internet browser has a very attractive and appealing interface and loads of games to play. The kids can not only use internet for surfing sites but can also watch YouTube videos featuring cartoons, nursery rhymes and educational stuff.

Listing down some of the prominent features:


The system completely blocks any links or attempts to open unapproved sites preventing kids from using internet frivolously. When they are browsing on KIDO’Z, they are in safe hands.

Direct Access

The best websites and videos have already been searched and sorted in the browser and are just a click away. You don’t have to surf the web for hours and find the best possible sites for your kids. The sites are already listed down; all you have to do is click on the icon.

Easy Interface

The interface is so darn easy that even a young child in the age group of 3-5 years can fiddle with it without assistance.

YouTube Access

As they say “Picture says 1000 words” so nothing is more educational then letting your child learn his or her nursery rhymes through videos. KIDO’Z has lined up YouTube videos with nursery rhymes to give a perfect visual experience for kids. Other than nursery rhymes, they can watch cartoons and other educational videos pertaining to their interest. There are hundreds of videos which are separated into sections like Animals, babies etc

Game center

Apart from availability of games on the sites, it has a game center where lots of games are available and are just a click away. You need not surf the sites and look for games.

Platform Support

KIDO’Z is available on all platforms so you don’t have to worry about whether you can use it or not. Mac or Linux, you can run it without any hitches.

Upgrade process

Upgrade process for KIDO’Z is just like any other browser. On opening the browser, updater window pops up and with easy instructions to follow, you are ready with the new version.


KIDO’Z is absolutely free and available for download. You need to install Adobe AIR before going ahead with KIDO’Z installation.


KIDO’Z is using Twitter. Twitter is again a free service that lets you be in touch with people and lets you exchange views. And twitter can also be used on phone.

Proposed features

Bookmarking, setting time limits are few of the features on the anvil which will soon make their way into the browser upgrades.
KIDO’Z is a browser with the best and safe websites packed in it for your kids. Do try it out.

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