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12 Dec 10 5 Tips to Nurture Creativity

Are you trying hard to be creative and prove the creative spark within you? Don’t try so hard, we all are creative in greater or smaller proportion. At times it’s latent, so we don’t realize its power and consider ourselves not so creative. Don’t feel that way. All you need to do is stir the creative juice flowing within your mind. It will make you conceptualize ideas, innovate things. A creative mind and its output not only draw materialistic gain, but also immense mental satisfaction and physical well-being. Sharpen your creative side, today.

Here are some tips to evolve as a better creative person.

A pair of thirsty eyes

Change your vision, change the way you look at things with a pinch of newness. Get rid of pre-occupied ideas and notions. Look at things like a child with sheer enthusiasm, curiosity and eagerness. It will definitely help you to overcome your bias, see the world from a new perspective and develop a creative mind.

Stay active

Stay fit and active. An active mind only nurtures creativity and helps creative ideas to evolve. Exercise daily, fresh ideas can evolve anytime. Physical activities will also sharpen your mental acuteness.

Break the rule

A creative person can never be average and conventional. Challenge rules, conventions. Don’t make your life as like others. Try to be different. Break the monotony. If you normally go to movie every weekend, this weekend indulge yourself with a puppet show. Challenge your own understanding and see how you perform. Variety is the key to creativity. Don’t restrict your mind. Explore the world. Don’t follow route, create your own route.

Question everything

A curious mind always learns new things, cultivate creative ideas and innovate new things. Question everything around you. The answer may lead to some creative ideas.

Study things, read more

Learning is the key to creativity. Experience of life is enriched with studying the surrounding, studying art and music, voracious reading etc. It will expand your horizon and help you to evolve as a better creative person. Study people around you, their lifestyle, places, nature. It will give you many ideas. Reading will sharpen your vocabulary power and command on language. It will also help you to come across with better ideas.

Just go with the flow. Nurture your creative mind.

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