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23 Sep 11 Different Types of Videos for Online Businesses

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These days videos have created a huge market on the web, drawing maximum eyeballs and cherishing immense number of ‘like’s, ‘share’s from fellow visitors. Are you wondering what all video tools are used for e-businesses? Well, there are many and they can be used effectively to spread the web empire. Here are some of them.

Product Demo Videos

If you are online seller or content marketer and you have products to offer which seek demonstration, demo videos could be a great tool for promotion and revenue generation. Demonstration is absolute necessary for products which are new to the market, products which are completely new innovation and for critical electronic goods like – laptops, microwave, advanced mobile phones, washing machines and other machines and gadgets. People seek information about the features, functioning, and efficiency of the item before they settle with the idea of purchasing it. This way through demo videos people are somewhat satisfied and certain about the product before its purchase. Online videos hit maximum visits and sharing too.

Promotional Videos

Often sales letters, newsletters, pamphlets even fall short of drawing attention. Whereas, promotional videos can work as miracle with persuading audio-visual input and showcasing its product as the best innovation ever. Promotional videos sum up key points and easily draw attention.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials or training videos can be an excellent way of imparting knowledge. They can be used to train employees, clients, distribution channel. You may also create excellent video tutorials and sell the same online. If you are a service provider, you can make relevant videos and impart learning on the web.

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are reflection of a company, its mission and approach towards work, its social responsibilities and attitude towards its employees. In short it shows what a company is all about. Such videos are of immense help when shared online with clients, shareholders, financial institutions, media and other public concerned.

Viral Videos

These days, funny viral videos are truly spreading like a virus. Such videos can be completely irrelevant to seriousness of your business, yet humorously bring out the flavor of your brand in front of the people. Funny viral videos are a great way of creating maximum brand buzz and brand visibility.

Testimonial Videos

User or client testimonials can prove to be an acute weapon for a brand towards it success. Start finding someone who has something to say about your brand and is ready to face the camera. Capture their unscripted fresh ideas about your brand. Such testimonial videos can later on be used (with due permission of the speaker) in commercials and promotional aids.

So which type of video will you choose on the web?


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