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24 Sep 11 Email Etiquettes that You Should Know

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Despite amazing IT innovations and globalization we haven’t progressed much in terms of email communication in large. It is surprising to find still how so many companies and individuals lack basic email etiquettes, treating email communication with much carelessness. Several people do not even bother to reply mails instantly or send relevant replies. But a professional email not only makes the company or individual appear professional and mature, but also updated and sincere. There are certain norms for email communication which one needs to take into account. Here are some rules and etiquettes for email communication.

Concise and to the point

Foremost important thing about email communication is length of the email. Emails should always be short and concise, to the point. A long email is always avoided. On Internet people always display less attention span. So keep it short and compact. Just convey what is important. Always write mails in short paragraphs or bullets (when required). Blank space between lines makes it easier to read.

Check spelling and grammar

An email with wrong spelling inputs and grammatical errors is always a big put off. Such emails show your unprofessionalism and casual approach. Make sure your emails contain right language, punctuation marks, conjunctions and apt words. Do not try something new which you are not confident about. If there is spell check option, utilize it.

Don’t forget to reply queries

Since you are sending mails for professional purposes, it should strictly answer all questions asked; otherwise the sole purpose of sending mail falls flat. If several questions are asked answer them in different lines in the form of pointers and bullets. You may also include answers to the expected questions. Suppose a prospective buyer seeks your bank account number for the purchase, convey bank account location, branch detail and all other information in the mail; so that it suffices all and customer need not mail again and again. Such efforts are always appreciated. Always write subject before sending out a mail.

Prompt reply

If someone is sending you emails and is choosing electronic mail over postal mailing, swiftness is definitely in his or her mind. So, always consider a mail important and answer back immediately. As a rule, each mail should be replied back within 24 hours of time. If the email response demands time and is bit complicated, convey the same and ask for considerable time for the apt reply. But do not sit back quiet. In such case recipient will be patient and wait for your reply.

Keep these few things in mind before sending out your next mail.








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