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25 May 10 How to Impress Your Boss?

Don’t relax once you are into the right job. It’s not enough! Just dressing right, flattering your boss or just being competent won’t fetch you a salary hike or a better position in the company. It’s much beyond that.

The person who hired you can fire you too. Just working hard won’t make your name in his favorite’s list. It’s necessary for you to prove that you don’t work merely for money or position; but you are there to pursue your dream. But nothing will turn real unless you can impress your boss, as fortunately or unfortunately he is the ladder to your success. Learn some tips and tricks here, to impress your boss.

  • First important thing is competency. Nothing can substitute it. You must be competent in the area of your specialization. Improve yourself every day. Set a defined goal and march towards it. Prove you are simply best in your domain. Nothing can impress your boss more than your knowledge, performance and perfection at work. Bosses always assign duties and responsibilities to skilled and competent employees. Keep abreast of industry and company trends by reading related journals and attending professional association events. Stay updated with technological, legal and knowledge advancements. Upgrade your skills and learn new things.
  • Be confident in whatever you do. It will reflect in your performance, body language. A confident person easily attains goals in life.
  • Develop self-control. It’s a key to success. Control over emotions and instincts will make you win his heart. You will soon turn into a leader. Don’t let your personal emotions and motives intrude into your professional arena. Don’t discuss personal life with colleagues, drawing their sympathy and pity.
  • Accept job challenges. Courage to accept challenge makes you half winner of the race. And fulfilling such challenges will make you great in his eye. Always set high benchmarks for yourself and your team. It will reflect your confidence, competence and ambitious self.
  • Always be honest. Even if you commit mistake, own your fault. It will develop his faith and confidence in you.
  • Don’t take any shortcut to success. Don’t rush for immediate success. Don’t manipulate things. Never turn jealous of others success. Always stay away from people who are into office gossips, spreading rumors and negativity.
  • Enjoy your work. Show your interest in the task provided. Remain enthusiast about each project. Work hard and still have fun. Don’t let the pressure get on you. Display a positive attitude throughout.
  • Work in team. Don’t sit back alone and try to crack things; rather communicate with your team and indulge into team work. Boss appreciates it more when you show that you are a good team player. Always acknowledge others help and appreciate it before all. Own team’s mistake and share success with all. Such humbleness will definitely make you a winner.

When your purpose is genuine, when you are dedicated towards your work and your performance is great what you need to worry for? Just follow these small tips to impress your boss and set wings of your dream spread high.

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