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27 May 10 How to Learn Spoken English?

Perhaps you lost many good job opportunities for your poor English speaking. If I am not wrong even many good institutions rejected you at the personal interview for your English. Don’t let just a verbal language skill jeopardize your whole career. If English is a foreign language for you, don’t be embarrassed. You are not born with that language. Follow these few valuable small tips to develop a better hold on spoken English.

  1. First of all shed the fear of speaking English. Unless you can overcome the fear of speaking in public you won’t learn. Don’t get demoralized seeing others reaction towards your speaking. Don’t be afraid of committing of mistakes. Always remember, failures are the pillars of success. So go ahead, and speak. More you talk, more you improve. Read out loud. Hearing will reinforce your memory. Record your voice and play it later. Check how it sounds and where you went wrong.
  2. Start with simple English. Use easy and concise vocabulary. Keep sentences short. While you speak maintain the clarity of voice.
  3. Everyday read English at least for 30 minutes. Read newspaper, journal, novel, poem, short story, article whatever you like. Start with the easy ones and gradually progress towards difficulty.
  4. Don’t get tempted to use idioms and proverbs you hardly know. You may convey completely wrong meaning to the audience. Moreover many non-English people may not be able to interpret it.
  5. Don’t swallow the dictionary. It looks quite silly when people are tempted to use big mouthful difficult words where a simple word could easily fit in.
  6. Interact with English speaking friends and colleagues more often. Friends who have enrolled in English speaking courses are a good source of learning. Talk to them more often; carefully watch while they speak. Even if you fall short of words continue talking. They will be more likely to help you.
  7. Develop your written skill too. Unless you have a decent command on the vocabulary you won’t be able to communicate.
  8. Watch English movies, television serials, news. Carefully follow the accent. Following fluent good English will unknowingly influence yours. Try singing English songs.
  9. Brush up English grammar. It will strengthen your speaking. Revise tense, parts of speech, articles, form of verb.
  10. Always carry a pocket dictionary. Whenever new word strikes you, make yourself familiar with it.
  11. Learn a new word every day. Learn its meaning, pronunciation. Make it a daily practice and soon your vocabulary will be rich.
  12. Go more often to English clubs, pubs, shops, cafes where people converse in English only. Mixing up with English people will definitely help your verbal skill.

Will you still think learning spoken English is a big job? It’s as easy as any other language. All you have to do is hold your patience and follow the tips; as nothing will happen overnight. Stay focused and dedicated. Soon you will be master of it.

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