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29 Dec 08 Information Technologies and Communication (ITC)

Written by: GoniG

Currently, Information Technologies and Communication ITC are undergoing a dramatic development that is affecting almost every area of our society, and education isn’t an exception. These technologies are increasingly as a necessity in the context of a rapidly changing society where, increasing knowledge and demands of a high standard of education is constantly updated to become a permanent requirement. Throughout the development of this work, we will be addressing the issues that we believe are of great importance for information technology and communication and their use as a tool to strengthen the development of education.

The relationship between ITC and education is twofold: On one hand, citizens are called upon to hear and learn about ITC. On the other hand, ITC can be applied to the educational process.

That dual aspect is reflected in two different educational expectations: on the one hand, we have the information, interested in learning computers, and in the other, teachers interested in using computers for education.

Throughout this article we are going to provide you more information’s about the evolution that education has suffered.

1. Evolution of Education gives:

1.1 The long history of global education shows several revolutions

The first of these was the adoption of the written word through literacy imposed by the pencil and paper as a primary tool of communication of knowledge, a mainstay of information and as a medium of instruction.

The second was the emergence of the schools, where it appears the figure of the teacher.

The third is due to the invention of printing, since then the paper was used as a carrier of information; were changed then a series of cultural patterns, in the form of work, in the form of reading, to live and reported.

Today, current technologies appear to have changed new carriers, the magnetic media and optical medium of information. The information is now digitized. It was then passed from the “technology” pen and paper to keyboard and screen.

Today, the computer goes from being a sophisticated and fast machine to calculate, to be a machine to communicate and transmit knowledge, and that allows us to transmit information through texts, and even today the process of information transmission is within the scope of multimedia environment, where the sound, voice, text and the ability to work together at a distance are a reality

1.2 Impact of New Technologies in Education

We are facing a technological revolution; witnessing a global spread of computers and telecommunications. These new technologies pose new paradigms, revolutionizing the world of school and higher education.

There is talk of revolution because through these technologies can be visited museums in cities around the world, reading books, taking courses, learn languages, visiting countries, contact with people from other cultures, access to texts and documents without having to move from a chair, etc, through the Internet.

Education is an integral part of new technologies and this is as well that a growing number of universities around the world is demanding for ITC literacy as one of the requirements in their entrance examinations and graduation, considering it a essential aim to prepare future professionals for the digital age in the workplace.

Most institutions of higher education have a greater or lesser extent, to computers that allow Internet access for students. Thus, academics, including those for financial problems do not have computers in their homes, they can access a world that was once exclusive to the affluent classes, taking the opportunity to visit museums and accessing knowledge available free of charge. It is in this sense, that the role of university professor is crucial: The more we inculcate in the university the ability to use new technologies, will be the wider world that works for them and the opportunities they have to find work.

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