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19 Feb 09 Make More Money Online

The global financial crisis continues to deepen with the most progressive nation in the world, the United States, having major companies declaring bankruptcy and massive layoffs that have already reached a stunning 3.7 million by January 2009. This financial crisis now spreads worldwide and many fear the loss of their livelihood or their employment. While many desperately try to regain other means of employment, there are those ingenious enough to find alternative ways of making money. And no other industry has enjoyed tremendous growth than the worldwide web.

At present, ecommerce expands steadily as more consumers discover the convenience and perks of shopping online. Consumers can attest to obtaining more savings through discounts and coupons versus the traditional purchases in stores and shopping malls. More than the convenience and the savings, there are ultimately more products available at the click of your mouse. This growth goes hand-in-hand with more opportunities to make money through advertising and marketing. Following are ways that people can take advantage of online opportunities:

Affiliate Marketing – Success stories of those endowed with marketing prowess proliferate in the web by serving as affiliates of major websites offering products and services online. Some set up their own website, blogs (online journals), or online magazines and advertise products and services. Income can either be a monthly fee or commission-based, or a combination of both.
Blog Advertising – Those who have the gift of writing set-up online journals and get paid for articles that advertise products or services. Payment is made per article with fees that vary depending on the popularity of the blog. The more viewers and readers that your blog has, the higher you can charge for each article. Famous blogs charge as high as $500 per article and are known to earn thousands per month on advertising.

Job Opportunities – There are websites that bring together part-time or fulltime job seekers and contractors who need jobs to be done. Payment can either be fixed or on per hour basis for computer programmers, web designers, graphic artists, writers, and many more.

Other than collateral business that ecommerce brings, some also make money online via foreign exchange trading or stock and options trading. Of course, these are high risk opportunities and suited for those who have experience in the finance industry. More than opportunities, they can also be classified as high risk investments. Just as many have flourished, many have likewise perished.

However, let us provide a word of caution to those who will dare to venture the internet in the hopes of increasing their earnings. Similar to any growing industry, it is also a place where thieves and scammers operate to steal the hard-earned money of honest consumers. Whether you are investing or taking on a job, do your homework and learn as much as you can about the risks involved. Get feedback from those who have entered the same venture or ensure that the reputation of those you do business with is flawless. Learn about internet security and identity theft. Discover the scams that have already been made. With the limitless information the internet offers, data and even advice from the wise will not be difficult to find.

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