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06 Nov 10 PPC Headline Writing Tips

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Companies are waking up to the potential of pay per click (PPC) marketing, which has given rise to number of bids that a keyword receives. Because of which the average cost of a PPC campaign has gone up. So generating qualified clicks only become more critical for the success of a campaign. This calls for a heroic copywriting skill.

More than ever, the PPC ad writers now has to concentrate on making the ad tighter and crispier. He or she has to use 25 or so words given by search engines in such a way that a PPC ad makes only desirable searchers click the link. This is a challenge which can be surpassed, and this as well as the next article will help you do that.

How to write killing PPC Headline

Length of a headline

A headline is the most important part of an advertisement, as this is the part of a PPC ad that attracts viewers’ attention. For a Pay per Click advertisement, a rule of thumb should be to use a headline that is not more than 5 words.

My personal recommendation on this matter is 4 words.

Call to action

The goal of a headline is to attract attention, so let’s stick to that. Do not include call to action line or hot button in your headline. It will make you sound too needy. Keep this for the body where it will work better.

Keyword insertion

If you have 2 or more-words keyword phrase then you can alter the length of your headline to make it 5 words, but when doing so, always remember to keep the non-keyword words shorter. If you are going to use dynamic keyword insertion then make sure your headline reads well with the keyword options you are bidding for. It should not sound weird with any of the keywords.

Try to keep the keyword at the beginning of the headline.

Word selection

The non-keyword words that you will insert in the headline should be emotionally charged, as all the decisions are emotional. No one is ration out there.

Following these tips when writing a PPC ad could be challenging at first, but soon you will get hold of it. After which, writing a PPC headline will be all downhill.

This brings us to the end of this article on PPC headline writing tips, in the next article I will talk about the body part.

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