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01 Aug 09 Staying Positive At Work

Positive thinking in the office is a necessity, as staying positive helps you keep a good outlook, good mood, and keeps you being as productive as possible.  Not many people realize in fact just how important trying to keep your thinking positive can be to your entire life, including the massive impact it can have on your professional life.  Studies show that positive thinkers accomplish more at work, and the quality of what they are accomplishing is oftentimes higher than those with a negative outlook.  Not to mention positive thinkers are more likely to recover from a bad incident faster than negative thinkers.

Now that you know positive thinking is the way to go in your work life, how do you manage to stay positive, even when you may already be grooming a fairly negative attitude?  Well first off, just practice.  Everything takes practice if you want to do whatever it is you’re attempting well.  Positive thinking is no different in that way.

Try to focus on positive things.  Keep a list of motivational quotes near your workspace, something you can turn to every day for your daily inspiration.  Which is exactly why something like a motivational calendar, or even finding a few motivational posters and posting them around your work area can really make a difference in your outlook.  Plus these will slowly but surely help change your attitude into a more positive one, also helping you evolve into a more positive person.

When something goes bad at work, instead of focusing on what happened badly and the negative effects that you could suffer as a consequence, try instead to focus on a solution.  Thinking positive means turning a problem into a challenge, the sort that makes you strive to find your solution.  Positive people look to solutions, opposed to focusing on the negative consequences of when things don’t go quite as planned.  So the next time you’re faced with some adversity, try to focus on what you’re going to do to get beyond, opposed to how it’s negatively effecting you at work.

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