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01 Aug 09 Creating an Information Product

Growth of the Internet has kick-started the whole new industry of information products. Every Tom, Dick or Harry is jumping on the bandwagon and creating e-books, how-to guides, how to videos, tutorials, etc. without even knowing the exact structure of their information products? Why? Because most of so-called infopreneurs, entrepreneurs who deal in information product, doesn’t plan their product before hitting the market. They just do it, and you know what, they fail. And they fail miserably. This is what prompted me to write this article. Here we will discuss what we need to ask ourselves in order to make a top-selling information product.

Is there a problem?

The best information product is never me-too and nor are the top-selling ones. The creator of these products first goes out in the market and then finds if there is any problem in their niches, which they can solve. If your product (information or otherwise) does not solve any real problem then why would anyone buy it? Have you ever bought something that did not meet any of your biological, social, psychological, financial, or security need?

Do many people have this problem?

To create a successful information product, you do not need to spot a problem only because there are many problems in everyone’s life that every one of us wants to get solved, but you need to spot a problem that is faced by many people. A market of 10 people is not at all a market.

Can you be remarkable?

There is a problem, and that problem is faced by many people, but can you solve this problem in a unique way? In order to get noticed, you do not need to be the best, but you absolutely need to be remarkable, as Seth Godin puts it. There is much wisdom in this thought. No one wants the same product packed in the new box. They want something really unique. Can you do this?

Can you show it?

Can you show the benefits of the solution you are providing? Can you showcase it? If you cannot demonstrate the features, you do not have customers.

Is it Simple?

No matter, how complex my problem is I want a simple solution. I do not want the solution to look like a complex problem. This is what every buyer of your product thinks. Can you deliver a simple solution?

These are the basic questions you need to ask before you start making a product. If you can do this, you can succeed, but if you cannot do this, you will never succeed.

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