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20 May 10 How Should You Dress for the Interview?

Hitting the dream job is not just a matter of best CV, sound knowledge, impressive communication skill; to a great extent, it’s your appearance; i.e. how you dress up. The first perception that the interviewer develops by seeing you is from your appearance and what you are wearing. First impressions are very important, since you can’t rewind the time and get another chance to prove yourself. Rather your appearance will develop an opinion in his mind regarding you, it will also set the tone of interaction and questions that the interviewer is about to shoot at you. That’s why professional, smart attire is very important while going for a job interview. You simply can’t afford to mess up with it.

Attire should be apt for the job profile and the kind of industry you are going to join. In industries where your profile deals directly with customers or clients, your attire will be judged even more critically.

If you aren’t confident about interview attire, follow the given tips while going for your next interview.

Men’s attire

  • A well-fit suit in dark, mono color never goes wrong
  • A long sleeve button-up shirt, preferably white or coordinated with the suit
  • Wear a conservative tie. Avoid too bright color or patterned ones
  • Belt
  • Dark shoes paired with dark socks
  • Professional looking short hairstyle and conventional hair colors (brown, black, blonde)
  • Little or no accessories
  • Neatly trimmed nails
  • Portfolio or briefcase
  • Light aftershave or perfume

Women’s attire

  • A well-fit suit (dark blue, black, grey, white) or a dark colored pant or skirt, just above or below knee, along with matching blazer or coat
  • A well coordinated blouse, which has a proper fit, neither too body hugging nor loose
  • Conventional, closed-toe shoes, matching your skirt or pant. Either go for flat shoe or heels not more than 2 inches high
  • Wear limited jewelries. Danglers, flashy gold, silver are to be avoided
  • Keep a neat, professional hairstyle. Go for the regular hair colors
  • Subtle make up and light fragrant perfume are fine
  • Neatly trimmed, medium sized nails with formal nail colors look professional
  • Portfolio or bag

Tips for both men and women

  • Clothes should be laundry clean, crease-free
  • Clothes should fit well, neither too loose nor too tight
  • Shoes should be polished
  • Fresh breath is must
  • Clothes should have no missing buttons, no lint; no stains, no external tags
  • Laptops, folders, small briefcase look professional

Now you know what it means to dressing up to the occasion. Get ready, and blow the interviewer away with your professionalism.

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