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13 Dec 09 Yahoo is Not Yahooing and Bing is Not Binging, Everyone is Busy Googling

Unaffected by all the hoopla of the searcher will go to Bing and the web is now you (Yahoo campaign), people are busy Googling the web. In a recent study conducted by market research company Experian Hitwise, Yahoo and Bing has lost 7% in market share in the month of November, whereas, Google has gained 1% of the search market share in the same period.

Microsoft’s hope to revive its MSN search is falling apart, and so is the Yahoo’s struggle to make the web user-centric. Perhaps they are too late or perhaps Google is playing every card right. To revive MSN search and make it look like Bing, Microsoft has acquired a small California-based start-up to roll out  Bing, but it does not seem to be working out well.

71.6% of the total US searchers still usage Google to search the World Wide Web, whereas, around 15% people use Yahoo, and around 9% people use Bing.


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