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20 Dec 09 How To Handle A Self Review

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Writing a self review is essentially part of every job.  How you handle the writing of your personal performance review, tells a lot about the job you’ve done.  Bosses gauge the way that your responses and assessments are written, in addition to what you actually write.  Most managers have a great nose for sniffing out lies and embellishments.  But mainly this gives them a great idea if you’re both on the same page, and straying too far from the company’s targets could see you replaced.

So it’s important to take time and care when writing your self review.  Allow yourself plenty of time to get the work done.  That means setting aside time everyday for a few days to work on the self evaluation.  This way you aren’t stressed, or rushing at the last minute to complete the project.  This also gives you time to go over your responses a few times, and make sure that you’re satisfied with what you’ve written.  Don’t turn in a review that you aren’t happy with.

Make sure that you’ve been compiling a list of your accomplishments, as that is a necessity for your self review.  Highlighting accomplishments accurate is a great statement in itself.  Not only do you have the great examples of your importance, but you also show your attention to detail by having the accurate records.  Both are fantastic traits magnified by the self review.

Remember to be honest when assessing the areas where you need improvement.  Nobody is infallible, and if you review suggests that you are, it’s a sham.  Your manager already knows that skills that you need to work on, and wants to see that you agree.  By being honest, and putting your actual weaknesses, you show that you are aware and are working to better yourself.  That’s what a boss wants.

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