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19 Aug 09 Writing To The Point

The goal of every article, or any other piece of writing is to make a point.  Usually you have an idea that you want to convey to your readers persuasively through your writing.  That’s not always an easy skill to perform, but with practice is completely achievable.  As with all other aspects of writing, getting better at getting your point across is as easy as to just continue writing.  Write as often as possible, and just keep a few tips in mind while you write.

Always keep aware of your thesis.  Remember that your thesis sentence is what you’re trying to achieve with your article, book, etc.  Make sure your thesis sentence is prevalent at the beginning of a work, and then jot down that statement somewhere else so that you never lose sight of your starting idea.  The worst thing you can do when you’re trying to make a point, is to lose sight of why you starting writing your piece of work in the first place.

Try not to deviate too much from your point.  Doing so adds fluff to the piece that you are writing, which will tend to get away from the topic at hand.  When you start to drift away from your purpose, your readers can become bored and fail to read the rest of your piece because they feel there’s too much content that just isn’t relevant.  Being as short as possible, and to the point, is the best way to go to garner the attention that you’re trying to achieve.

Finally, just never deviate from the two questions that you should constantly be asking yourself as you write anything.  What do you want your readers to know?  And, what reaction do you want them to have from your writing?  Ask yourself both of these questions as you formulate your piece, and as you edit your piece.  Keeping both of them in mind at all times ensures you never get away from the point you’re trying to make.

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