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19 Dec 09 Affiliate Marketing for Complete Idiots

Well, if you are reading this that does not mean that you are a “complete idiot.” The purpose of the title was not to tell you that, but when it comes to online marketing and its various tools, even season professionals of the offline world act like an idiot, not because they are, but because the field is entirely new for them.

So, what is affiliate marketing?
Let’s understand it with an example. Let’s say I am planning to sell a ball point pen on the Internet. How will I do it? I will start an e-commerce website and start promoting my product using several tools. I will use SEO, I may run a PPC campaign, rear-up a blog, participate in forum etc.


Despite, what I do, I can only sell in proportion to the visitors that will come to my website. Isn’t it? And there can be only so many doors through which people will come to my website to buy the ball-point pen that I am selling.

How to increase the number of doors?

Affiliate marketing is the answer. Increasing the number of doors to your website is one way to ensure that you are selling a lot. And this increasing the number of doors is called affiliate marketing.

You contact (or help other affiliate find you out) different businessmen on the Internet who are interested in selling other’s product. You pitch them your idea, and if they like it they will pick it, and will start promoting your product. They will also do all sort of thing to make people buy your product. This way the marketing effort to sell your product increase, and the more affiliate you hire the more set of door and windows you make to pull customers. Affiliate marketers do this for a hefty commission.

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