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27 Jun 10 Freelance Writing and Writing Experience

Do you need to have some writing experience before you start your freelance writing career? The answer is yes and no. Yes because you cannot get any client – at least not the serious ones – if you do not have any prior experience, and no because you cannot have experience without getting to work for some clients. It indeed is a hen and an egg problem, but there is a way out of this situation.

How to gain writing experience before even getting a client

Do you really think you do not have any writing experience? You are wrong in thinking so; what about your term papers and assignments that you submitted in your school and college? Yes, those were writings as well – though not professional, may be not even grammatically correct, nevertheless they gave you some experience.

But, when starting as a freelance writer we are not concerned about just any writing. We are, in fact, concerned about proper experience, which one can get only when one writes professionally, which brings us to the original question of how to get writing experience as professional without having any client. The following points will help you answer that.

  1. Start your own blog and post articles on it. Make sure each article is at least 500 words long.
  2. Write articles for social communities and motivate your friends to read and give feedback to you. This will be a valuable asset which you can use to show your clients to get work.
  3. Write articles for free. This will help you build portfolio — this may be an option, but I will not suggest putting this into effect unless you have exhausted all the available options.
  4. Write for charity website. They like contributors.

There are many ways to build your portfolio and have some writing experience. The question is are you will to find an avenue and pursue it to the end?

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