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22 Aug 10 Criteria for Selection of an Ideal Job

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Just a job offer is not enough at times. Even if we manage to crack many job interviews we choose the best one. Unfortunately we often make a hasty decision and end up judging a job just on the basis of good salary package. That’s definitely one very important criteria of job selection, but not the only factor. There are many factors to be considered before making any decision. They are discussed below.

Location of the office

Location of your work place is one very important criteria of job selection. If one doesn’t have own conveyance and depends solely on public transports; one has to consider the distance from the workplace, means of communication and the cost it incurs. Public transport again helps in saving money spent on gas and time wasted in traffic. Location in a poor area may threaten the female employees.


Alluring perks always attract employees. Perks like gym within the office campus, day care centers for babies, swimming pool, company provided car naturally attract all. Perks also come with position and experience. Interact with the Human Resource team to know about the perks offered.

Growth and Increment

Even a fat salary package seems inadequate over a couple of years of time. At the age of 20 the salary package which seems irresistible, appear convincingly inadequate at the age of 30. That’s the irony of salary package. A job which doesn’t offer much scope of growth and annual increments isn’t attractive to its employees. It’s like a mundane job, which no one wishes to stick to for long. Not only in terms of money; but one needs to scrutinize the opportunity for growth, hierarchy within the organization and delegation of duties and responsibilities to its employees.

Work environment

One should also scrutinize the work environment. Is it a very loud place or quiet? Is the environment casual or formal and strict? Are people cooperative and friendly or very judgmental and formal? Is the work culture very nice or quite ordinary and cheap? Does the company consider about employees’ comfort and space required or is it very suffocating? Is it a safe place for women? Such factors definitely affect productivity and mental peace.

Job security

Job security is a big concern for the employees. Younger employees may not need to worry about it, but family men definitely need to check it. Is the job safe and what does its past track record says? Do your research. Check the company’s market share, reputations, strength, frequency of vacancies advertised etc. Employees should ask questions related to the job security during interview session.

Do what keeps you happy

Get into a job which delivers maximum job satisfaction and is close to your heart. Even if the job is not very money making, your love for it could keep you happy for life. If you are passionate artist you can’t be happy for life in a banking job. Do what keeps you happy and satisfied. That’s a key to success.

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