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05 Dec 10 How to Overcome Fear of Success?

Many of us suffer from the fear of success. It’s a realistic problem with many of us which needs to be checked, yet it’s not that grave matter which seeks psycho-analyst’s guidance. Just addressing the problem and following few tips can solve this problem. Here are some tips for your help.

Get to the root

Remember, it’s all in your mind and your mind controls all your actions and thoughts. So, if you can control your mind, all will fall in place. Do soul searching. Ask yourself if you are scared of rejection. Do you dare to take risk? Remember, risk taking attitude is a must for an entrepreneur and an entrepreneur with right set of attitude and talent draws success. Do you wish to be different from others always? Do you fear popularity? Get to know yourself, what you want and at the cost of what? What’s your dream? How far can you go to achieve your dreams? Find out what makes you scared of success and avoid it? Don’t be harsh to yourself; just find out what scares you.

Prepare yourself

Prepare yourself, right now. Don’t blame your destiny if you are not welcomed by opportunities. Opportunities only reach people who are prepared. If you are prepared, you will be awaiting success, not fearing it anymore. Just get into the mode of giving your 100%, success will follow automatically. If you make the first effort, second effort will be easier. Also stay consistent. Failure shouldn’t stop you. Keep on giving your best every time. Success can be late, but not impossible to attain. Practice will make your perfect too. And it will also boost your self-confidence and sharpen your skills. So don’t fear practice and preparation session, it’s a stepping stone towards future.

Do it now

Talking doesn’t help. It may boost your confidence and keep you motivated. But it’s doing that makes the difference in reality. So get started, right now. Dream will remain dream only if you don’t work towards achieving it. Don’t fear mistakes. Just start. Know what it takes to achieve your target and success.

Life may not give you a second chance. So go for it, give your best. Cherish success. Don’t let the fear of success control your life. Crumble it into pieces for once and forever. Just a fear can’t take away your share of success. Face it.

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