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16 Sep 11 Essential Tips for Video Conference Interviews

These days interviews are no longer limited within face-to-face meetings where both parties are seated at two ends of a table. Interviews have taken altogether different approach these days. Traditional interviews have been replaced by telecommunication interviews and interviews via video conferencing on the web. Such modern interviews require different approach, attitude and practice altogether. New trends require new techniques. Here are some tips for your help.

Don’t forget it’s LIVE

At times people forget that they are giving interview through video conferencing and that is mainly because of the ease in which they give interview right from home, sitting in front of their PC while the pet dog is sitting at a corner. But don’t forget video conferencing is no different from the face-to-face interviews. In video conferencing you are not only seen but also heard just like any face-to-face interviews. You are observed carefully, your actions and reactions are noticed and you are very much LIVE. It’s just that your half of the body is seen and the interviewer doesn’t come to know if you are formally dressed at the bottom or not. They won’t even realize if you stink or if you are wearing a dirty pair of socks, as they can’t touch, smell and feel you. But since entire attention is on the part that’s visible, it’s even harder to convey the best possible message.

You don’t have a second chance to get back

Always remember, in case of interview through video conferencing you may not get another chance to get back to the interviewer and explain your point. Videoconferences are generally scheduled with a limited time frame in mind. Once you have been asked a question you need to answer immediately. In case of physical face to face interview you may still afford to buy some time under the disguise of arranging presentation or taking out resume from the folder; but in case of video conferencing you need to be prompt and you can’t escape their eyes on you, since they are unable to see the surrounding distractions and every eye is just on you. In physical form of interview if you forget to present some assignments and projects or convey a message you can again knock at the door and come back for a minute. But in case of video interviewing the call may end abruptly and your chance of re-appearance will go off forever. Similarly your every expression will count and will be observed since your face is in center of their attention. Try to sound genuine, look genuine and always answer with firm voice yet humble approach and a smile.

Now, go for it. The world is all yours.

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18 Jun 11 Tips for Job Interview Preparation

If it’s your first job interview and you are worrying where to start the preparation from, you are not an exception. Worry about job interview, performance, questions is quite natural among the beginners. But don’t let this fear take a toll on you and spoil your performance. Confidence will come with the right guidance. Here are few tips for the job interview preparation. Before going for the interview follow these tips.

Flawless CV

Always remember if you are not confident about your CV, it will reflect in your attitude, personality, body language in front of the interviewer. So work on your CV first, make it crispy yet all inclusive. Don’t put false information in your CV. A good CV will silently talk about you. Follow formal CV format.

Know your subject

Don’t forget at the end of the day its knowledge of your subject that matters the most. Study your subject, know what all can be asked in interview. Know about the current industry practice. If you score well in questions asked you have higher chance of getting through the job.

Obvious questions

There are some stereotyped obvious questions frequently asked in interview like – ‘Tell us something about yourself’, ‘what are your strengths and weaknesses?’, ‘Where do you see yourself after five years from now?’ etc. Prepare answers of these probable questions in advance. You may practice answering these questions in front of a mirror. It will not only help you to answer, but also answer with perfect attitude, body language and confidence. This practice will boost your confidence and also help in lowering fear of speaking in front of the interviewer.

Read about the company

Before going for an interview read about the company. Go to its website, read about the company, its achievements, work done, clients, history. Interviewer may ask you if you know enough about them. So knowledge is important.

Wear the perfect attire

Wearing perfect attire to interview is very important. Wear formal clothes of pastel shades. Too bright colors are to be avoided. Don’t wear distracting earrings, necklaces and other accessories. Shoes should be formal, neat. Wearing formal clothes will not only make you appear like a professional, it will also boost your confidence.

Start preparing today for your dream job.

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26 May 11 Tips for Effective Door to Door Sales

Door to door sales generally appear highly irritating and interfering to the person visited; but from salesman’s point of view it’s one of the prospective chances to hit the bull’s eye. If one knows and masters few tricks of effective door-to-door sales, it’s no big deal. Here are few effective tips for you.

Do not be too pushy

People hate salespersons that are too pushy and keep on nagging to sell. They are sure turn offs. Never consider your prospects as a disposal box of your product. If you find your prospect is not interested in your product, leave it there. If you become too pushy, you may end up losing the prospect forever and incur bad perception of your brand.

Don’t lose hope

With a failed trial or series of trials do not lose hope, it will show on your face and you may appear boring, sad and cold to a good prospect too. If you are not enthusiastic about your product or service, you can’t expect your prospect to find interest in it too. Staying motivated from street to door, under every circumstance, every atmosphere is important as it’s you who are ‘face’ of the brand. So appear enthusiastic, pleasant, motivated, and persuasive. Remember, your prospect is literally a ‘prospect’ for you, not your customer, so don’t expect him or her to be too receptive. They are the people who are not actively looking for your product and your visit is unexpected, interfering. Conversion rate in this type of sale is low, so accept the fact. In a failed attempt, just think it was a bad one and move on to the next with a winning attitude. Celebrate each successful sale, and stay motivated.

Little planning can be helpful

Rather than being random and ringing all doorbells on your way, with piled up rates of failure why don’t you start planning a bit and secure more chances of success? Good planning and research may help you. Know who is your target audience, where they are located, what promise they expect from you, what is their trust level, when are they available and receptive to your presentation, what motivates them etc. Choose locations accordingly. So before starting with your sales call do a thorough research on the demography and psychograph of the desired target group. Also, do not reach them in inappropriate time. Strike a balance between quantity and quality of calls.

And you are there. Go and shoot, win and celebrate.

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