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24 Sep 09 5 More Ways to Improve Your Writing Part-V

Grammar is your friend, not an enemy. Respect it as you would respect your friends. A proper use of grammar and punctuation rules will make your writing beautiful, and easy to understand. Having said that, I must say that I am not a strict grammarian, so I believe you can tamper with the grammar at times, but to that first you need a good command over it. You guessed it write, if you did, this post is about grammar.

Write declarative sentences

These kinds of sentences make your writing forceful. You do not crawl, dictate or order. You just say what it is in a natural way. You do not intimidate people, you just say your things and let people think based on that. There is no offensive or defensive stance on either side.

Use Active voice

The prize for blogging was won Jack.


Jack won the prize for blogging.

Which one of the two sounds more powerful? Indeed, it is the second one. When you use active voice, you make your subject do the work, but if you resort to passive voice, you ask your subject to lie down on a couch and let the object of his action do the work.

Check adjectives and adverbs

Adjectives can be alright, but adverb is strict no-no. The excess of any of these two will make your text look boring, very badly boring. Did you see that boring was okay but very badly boring was not?

Cut it

Are you not sure whether it should be there or not? Cut it! William Strunk Jr. will love you for that. Did you ask who is he? Well, you need to read The Elements of Style and ask countless English writing people to know who he was, meanwhile, just follow the advice and leave it when in doubt.

No clunky sentences, please

If you cannot create a sentence that reflects grace than do not attempt to create one! Well, did I sound like William Strunk Jr.? Then I succeed. Jokes apart; I mean to say that you should avoid creating any clunky or confusing sentences. To find out if your sentence is confusing or not, make your friend read your piece.

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