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25 Sep 09 Finding An Information Technology Job

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Jobs in Information Technology are many, and it’s a field that’s ever expanding.  As we become more dependant upon computer advancement, and more overall integration with the internet, more jobs open up each day in the IT field.  The biggest key to success isn’t in finding a job itself, but in finding the right job amid the mix.  When you find yourself going into the job pool, you’ll always see plenty of IT opportunities, you just have to sort them the best way.

Pick out what’s important to you at a job.  For most people a good job has decently high pay, good opportunity for industry growth, and plenty of job openings so that you have a good chance of getting a job.  Those requirements are usually a good place to start.  Industry growth is important, so that your company can stay relevant, and you can ensure a reasonable amount of job security.  When they’re hiring for more opposed to fewer job openings, you have a better chance of getting a job.  High pay speaks for itself.  Who doesn’t want that?

From that you can formulate a list of the job openings that best fit what you’re looking for.  Then you can concentrate on those openings.  Do your research about the companies offering the work, and tailor your cover letter and resume to apply to each company individually.  Putting in the personal touch will separate you from the field, as most people use generic cover letters and resume formats.  Even though that’s a huge mistake, as they’re easily spotted by hiring managers, and are very frowned upon.

If you find you have more than one offer, weigh the options between both jobs.  If job stability isn’t a huge concern, and you’re willing to take the risk for a chance at more money, go for that job.  Weigh your comfort zones against what’s available to you, and choose the job that you’re most likely to succeed with.  Making a name for yourself in one place carries weight in the IT world, so take advantage of your opportunities.

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