A Message To The Small Business That’s Been In The Family For 75 Years

An economic downturn doesn’t always spell disaster for small business.

Of course if you aren’t paying attention to the news, nothing can probably save you.  But if you are watching your balance sheet, reviewing spending, and accounts receivable, and looking for ways to cut unnecessary costs you’ve got part of the idea under consideration.

It’s probably also good time to cut back on advertising and marketing – NOT!

There is no better time than now to build a new website.  It’s easy.  It’s affordable.  Carpe diem.  Seize the day. 

This depression won’t last forever and there is no better time to profit from it than now. 

Your competition is dropping like flies.  They can’t pay their bills.  They are laying off talented employees and closing their doors.  You can acquire their liquidated inventory for pennies on the dollar.  Their customers already know you and are looking for someone reliable to do business with.

But how to get the word out without spending those dollars that are more precious than today ever? 

Media and print are the expensive dinosaurs of yesteryear.  They went the way of brick and mortar stores when the internet exploded into our lives.

It’s never been easier or more affordable to build a website.  Gossimer offers 3 Website Builder packages rich with marketing features.

Email marketing, search engine optimization, e-commerce – these are all smart ways to drive new customers to the front door without spending the big bucks.

“But,” says the senior partner, “We can’t afford a programmer and all that expensive equipment.”

That’s when the light bulb goes off.  He thinks of his grandson, the computer nut! 

In days it’s all agreed to.  Grandpa is paying for college anyhow.  And grandson is helping with the business he will someday inherit by putting up the fresh new website with the “What You See Is What You Get Products” by Gossimer.

Innovative and creative ideas have kept them in business for the past 75.

And that’s how to keep the family business alive for the next 25!

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