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21 Jan 11 How to Chill Out Even While Working in Office?

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‘Work and chilling together, and that too in office? Are you kidding me?’ That must be your upfront reaction. Right? Well, it may seem surprising but you can actually chill out at work too. Chilling in between work will not only make you more productive, but also help you to de-stress yourself and return home with a chirpy mood. Are you still wondering how? Here are some tips for you.

Take frequent breaks

We often make the mistake of working at a stretch without any break and thus pilling up stress. After you finish one particular job take a break and if the job is too long, divide it into few parts. Take breaks in between. You may go out to the terrace or balcony or just leisurely walk outside the office while having a cup of coffee. Breaks are even more enjoyable when you can grab a light hearted conversation with a colleague or over phone.

Music can keep you happy

Music is a charming device to remain happy and cheerful. If your office permits you and it doesn’t affect your productivity listen to music on your desktop or ipod in between work. It will keep your energy level high and enthusiastic. You will get back to work with double energy.

Colleagues can be friends too

We often think in office we can’t have good buddies and thus even don’t put an effort to make friends. But even two colleagues can be good friends. It will make your work life enjoyable and you will look forward to each day. In between work or during lunch and coffee breaks you can meet and have a nice chat session, discussing about work, personal life, problems, and opportunities. Who knows you may find a best friend at work place too. But don’t choose friends randomly and confide all secrets, it may land you into soup of troubles.

Internet is great

When you are not working, browse internet. It’s huge and endless. You can read, watch videos, download music, interact on social networking sites, and do endless activities. But if your office doesn’t permit it, don’t break rules.

Keep your workstation interesting

It’s your workstation where you spend long hours, think hard, come with ideas and work really hard. Then why not make it look really cool and comfortable. Let your workstation speak about you. You may put your friends’ and family pictures or interesting posters, accessories, write ups, stickers, calendars etc which can instantly perk up your mood.

Order food from outside

Food indeed brings happiness and togetherness. Apart from normal lunch, order food from good restaurants. You may convince all to contribute and enjoy the food. It will bring lot of happiness on the table.


Always think positive. It will help you to think good and remain optimistic even under work pressure. Smile, even if you pretend to. Slowly it will come naturally to you. Thinking positive will make you do positive things.

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