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03 Oct 10 How to deal with Depression?

Depression is nothing abnormal, it happens to all in different proportions at different point of time. But when it goes beyond a limit and stays for long, it makes life quite difficult and at times even end up in fatal conclusions. Complexity of life and lack of relaxation have further accelerated the problem of sheer depression. But before it suffocates us till death we should know how to deal with depression and find a better, happier life.

Here are some guidelines regarding how to get rid of depression.

Don’t cry over the spilt milk

One of the main reasons of chronic depression is talking and thinking too much of the unpleasant past or troubling issues. One should stop being unhappy and cry on a sad past. It never heals problems, rather aggravates it. Negative thoughts blown out of proportion can cause severe harmful depression. Rather try to see the beauty of life, find happiness even in small things like a nice meal with the family, a lively sunset, a walk along the beach under starry sky.

Practice your hobby

Under the grilling pressure of work, studies, duties, financial hassles we often forget what keep us happy, we forget what passion or hobby is. Gardening, stamp collection, knitting, writing, drawing, music, dancing – practice whatever amuses you.

Meditate and relax

In this rat race age we have forgotten the meaning of peace and relaxation. Get back your mental peace with meditation and relaxation. Soothe yourself with cool breeze. Breathe in fresh air, meditate, and start your day with a good spirit. Exercising, walking, running also help one to beat depression.

Just step out

Often solitude leads to chronic depression. Whenever you feel low, just step out of the home and let the fresh air and sunshine make love to you. Talk to people, visit friends, and colleagues. If you don’t have anyone in the city, visit a coffee shop or restaurant. The sight of people and their conversations will excite you.

Avoid negative energies

Whatever or whosoever transmit negative vibes, avoid it. Stop talking to negative people, or watching negative films and shows. It will make you pessimist. Replace such negativity with a good book or walk in a park.

Read something inspirational

Read some inspirational texts or books, regularly. Follow your idols. It will foster good energies within you. You will learn and grow every day.

Yes, saying goodbye to depression is that easy.

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