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15 Jun 11 How to Promote A Library?

These days, people are not so inclined towards the habit of visiting a library, flipping through books, sit and read for hours. With growing habit of e-book reading, downloading books from internet and growing lack of interest in reading; people are being less frequent to book libraries. How to spread reading habit and draw more readers to the library? Here are some tips.

Promote reading as fun

As youngsters these days look down upon reading habit and consider reading as a habit of old people, number of youngsters in library is diminishing day by day. So to bring more readers to your library you need to attract the youngsters, draw their attention, and seduce them with fun factor. It’s important to convey that reading is fun and fruitful, a sword with double edge. In all your communication, promote reading as sheer fun. It keeps one engaged, entertained, motivated, enlightened, and enriched. Make sure your communication conveys that reading has no other substitute. To make reading factor fun in the library you may also have to make few changes and make it more interactive. You may make books browsing more modern and interactive by introducing digital touch screen method. You may offer juice centre, coffee shop within the library premises for refreshment purpose. You may also provide attractive book markers, cozy reading corners, audio books for further enjoyment.

Make it a part of holiday activities

Often kids in their summer vacation plan to go for summer camps, sports, hobby clubs etc; but hardly consider reading book as a holiday activity. You may advertise special summer collection of books, special summer reading packages and fun activities like visit of renowned writers to the library, open discussion with writers and many more activities within the library. With such activities, you can draw lot of kids to your library in summers.

Attract old people

Most of us neglect old retired people and do not consider them as important target market; whereas they are potentially big group of target audience, who can prove to be quite loyal and dedicated group of customers. Since old people have lot of time in their hand and look out for leisure reading, they can be a potent group of customers.

Giveaway awards

You may count highest number of book borrowers and readers (hours spent in library) each month and announce their names as ‘star readers’; by offering free books or free stationeries. Display their names everywhere. This way, people will remain motivate to read more and more.

Now help your library to grow. Implement these tips.

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31 May 11 How to Promote a Body Tattoo Shop?

Body tattoo is not only a fashion statement but also a huge craze among the youngsters. People love to flaunt their tattoos. Still many people do not know about this body art or are not convinced much. How to appeal them? Here are some tips for promoting your body tattoo shop.

Display great designs

Unless you show caliber of your tattoo designing, people will not acknowledge your talent. Thus, start displaying various tattoo designs done by you. Show a variety of designs – including things like floral patterns, animals, birds, religious and spiritual symbols, numerical, various fonts of various languages, skeletons, dragons etc.

Talk about hygiene, scientific approach

Many people stay away from tattooing in fear of lack of hygiene, safety and the like. You need to reassure those people by illustrating in detail the scientific hygienic method adopted for tattoo job. Bring confidence in your target audience by narrating the process in all your communication strategies. Reassure them of the painless effort taken by your specialists with 100% hygienic procedure.

Temporary tattoo can bring customers

Many permanent tattoo artists do not take temporary tattoo much easily, considering it as an amateur job done for less experimental people. Don’t do this mistake. With nice attractive temporary tattoos you are not only lowering one tier of your customers and roping in business, but you are also seducing them with your expertise. If the customer leaves satisfied, may come back again and consider permanent ones too. Make sure you inform them about permanent ones and show some good designs. Offer discount for early booking.

Reach out youngsters

Do not ignore the youth, they are your customers. Appeal them, persuade them. You may put up your shop’s advertisements, posters in places where youngsters are frequent to like – coffee shop, ice cream parlor, gymnasium, sports clubs, movie theatre, shopping malls, pubs, dance clubs, amusement parks. You may also provide some percentage of discounts for couples getting it done together. You may offer special discount on Valentine’s Day.


Make real people – your past and present group of satisfied customers do the marketing job for you. Quote their feedback. If you have a celebrity customer that’s even better, that’s like an icing on cake.

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29 Oct 10 How to Write a Romantic Novel?

A romantic novel is the best gift one can ever dream of, and it delights not only teens but even a man or woman of 80. A good romantic novel always comes as a gasp of fresh air, with intoxicating charm and vivid imagination. One just can’t resist it. But even if romance comes to you naturally, penning it down isn’t so easy. Here are some tips about writing a romance studded novel.


It’s the romantic characters of a novel that we live with, breathe in, fantasize and admire. Thus characterization is very important part of romantic novel writing. Infuse life into your characters, make them real, throbbing with energy. Even if the characters are like ‘dream come true’, make them appear real and close to life. Build them carefully, pouring your heart into it. Their thinking, nature, appearance, talks – everything has to reflect in your story. Make characters so real and romantic, that your readers fall in love with them.

Get inspired from reality

Real people should be your inspiration. If your characters belong to countryside, go and interact with the people there. It will help you in weaving characters, close to reality. If your character is a complete romantic person, talk to a romantic person in reality. Spend time together, watch him or her, and find out his or her story. The more you mix up with people in reality, better your characters shape up.

Make a perfect ambience

Get into detail of situations. If your hero falls in love with a coffee shop waitress, create such situation. Create an ideal coffee shop in your novel. Describe everything – from aroma of coffee to the story of corner table – always occupied by couples. Since romance will bloom in the setting, make it appear real. A love story can bloom even in a cemetery. Love stories need not always sound like a fairy tale.

Build climax slowly

Make your readers wait patiently for the right moment. Don’t give them the scoop of ice cream so easily. Let it come slowly, teasing the reader bit by bit. Build drama, conflict, climax, suspense. Don’t let the steamy scene come so easily. Don’t let the story rush. Remember, true love doesn’t unveil overnight. Let it bloom slowly yet steadily.

Finish with an impact behind

Sign off your story with grace. Finish with a deep impact behind. Make ending so impactful that it stays in your readers’ heart forever, burning with passion. Good novel readers swear by and give example of that love, everywhere.

Go for it!

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