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30 Jun 11 How to Promote a Pet Shop Online?

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Pet shops are not an uncommon sight, they are seen at corner of big streets. But how many pet shops people actually know about, and stay loyal to the same? The answer is not many. The reason behind this is lack of promotional activities for these pet shops. These days since there are loads of online listings of pet sell and adoption, one needs to cater to these online buyers and web surfers. They can be a great customer for you. Here are some ideas for promoting a pet shop on web.

‘Pet of the Week’ newsletter

You may ask people to send their beloved pets’ photographs or you may click some photographs of cute looking pets and publicize the same as ‘Pet of the week/month’. You may send this as newsletter to all your customers and prospects or simply put in your blog and website.

Run online contests

Run some special contest online, for online followers only. You may run such contests in your website or social networking sites where you have many followers. You can run special discount offers. Specially those big pet shops who offer extended services like pet grooming, pet food, pet accessories with exclusive discount coupons to the online customers. You may also ask people to take part in the contest for a free haircut of their pets.

Article about pets

You may write some nice articles related to pet handling, pet care, pet grooming, pet food and pet healthcare etc. Now submit these articles allover Internet, in all leading article directories. Make sure you make these articles search engine optimized. Use keywords effectively in your articles. Put your pet shop’s name below the article.

Pet shop fan page

Social networking sites work best when you wish to reach out your right target market. Create a fan page for your brand in Facebook. You will draw plenty of fans and followers soon. Update your profile with lot of pictures of pets. You may post interesting articles, pictures, videos, contests, competitions, offers, polls every day. The more you interact with people, more popular you tend to be. Twitter will help you to let people know what’s happening at your end every day.

Place advertisements in pet food or veterinary doctor’s website

You may buy an ad space in leading pet food selling brand’s website or in a leading animal specialist medical practitioner’s website. Your target audience is frequent to such websites, and your advertisement won’t go unnoticed, as both are highly relevant.

Try these online promotional ideas and see growing traffic to your pet shop.

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