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12 Jun 09 Extend Your iPhone’s Battery Life

Anybody who uses an iPhone as their primary personal organizational tool for your business and personal life knows that the battery life of the unit leaves something to be desired.  And that’s putting it nicely.  Really if you’re relying on your iPhone to manage your life, and you rely on using 3G to do so, that battery is going to die very fast.  But there are a few things you can do to at least prolong your battery’s life, in the long term and short term.  Some of them you probably didn’t even realize would help.

Such as leaving your iPhone on all the time.  Take advantage of the sleep mode, and don’t turn your iPhone off when not in use, as it takes more extra juice to turn the unit on and off than if you had just left your iPhone on in the first place.  Also try to consolidate your personal and business emails into as few email addresses as possible.  This way there are fewer email addresses to check, meaning your iPhone won’t have to burn energy tapping into the network to keep up with them.

Edit your brightness settings so that your auto brightness is turned off, this way you won’t burn power by keeping your device monitoring your surroundings and automatically changing the screen brightness accordingly.  You also want to keep your screen brightness as dim as possible, but so that you can still see everything just fine.  This way you aren’t consuming any extra power by lighting the screen more than is necessary.

And finally, if you rely on Wi-Fi often for many of your iPhone tasks, make sure that you use it sparingly, and remember to turn Wi-Fi off after use.  Keeping an internet connection like that is a huge power drain on your little iPhone, and you’ll find the battery dying very quickly should you leave Wi-Fi on for long periods of time.  But make us of it sparingly and you’ll be fine.

Beyond that you just want to ensure that at least once a week you’re using up almost all the battery power in your iPhone’s battery to just about the point it runs out of juice.  Then you want to charge the unit until it’s back at 100% power, that way you’ll extend your battery’s long term life, and will consistently reset the device so that your battery won’t lose it’s charge as quickly as it would otherwise.

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