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23 Jul 09 Get Organized, Get Disciplined

There are two kinds of freelancers, one who started freelancing because he believed he can make more money and get a better life by working for themselves, and another is the one who jumped on to the bandwagon because he saw the possibility to work with a beer can in his hand. The latter group has joined freelancing because the group felt agitated and sometimes angry by the presence of rules, regulations, discipline, and a BOSS in the work that they are doing.

Well, if your boss is the one who with his nagging behavior pushed in here then you should thank him, but if you have come here with a dream of finding procrastinator’s paradise then I will suggest you to look elsewhere because someone has given you the wrong address. But, as you have come here, though erroneously, I must tell you that to become successful as a freelance professional, you not only need to have some kind of expertise that can be offered as a service to the buyer sitting in different city, state or country, but you also need to have a rigorous  self-control. Time management, scheduling, organization, and a well thought to-do lists are important tools that will help you in preparing for the big task.

Indeed, you will be free of nagging boss, upon choosing freelancing as a career, but there is no escape from rules, regulations, and discipline; rather these things – you may call it evil monsters, if you prefer it that way – will hit hard with all of their combined force.

Freelancing is not for those who need external pushing to meet deadline because there is no one outside you to push you. No one is there to threaten you to stop your promotion or paycheck, or to fire you outright. You have to act on your own. You have to take charge. You need to be disciplined enough to do everything that is required of you, and that too on time, every time. Along with giving you the entire bucket of rewards for the work you do, freelancing also puts a burden of a sack-full of responsibility on you.

Freelancers falling in the first group never have any problem with these. It is the freelancers falling into the second group who find it hard to come to terms with the demands posed by the freelance profession. For them it is a paradise lost.

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