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25 Jul 09 Why to Build a Home Office

There was a time when freelancing was not as easy as it is now, and the amount of work available for freelancers were also not much in comparison to the amount of works available today. The Internet played the role of a catalyst, and everything (read most of the tings) that could be digitalized are digitalized now. These two things played very important roles in the information and crowd sourcing revolution.

The army for freelance professionals or freelance entrepreneurs is growing, and with it is emerging the issues related to freelancing. One very important issue is of having a fixed time and place to work in. Most of the people started freelancing in order to use their talent or skills to get out of 9-5 rat race, and indeed they have succeeded in doing so. They have broken the time-shackle and with it they have broken the space-shackle as well. Now, they do not have a fix place to work in. Is it good? Not necessarily!

Not having a fix time and place to work means, you can work anywhere and anytime, but in reality it turns out to mean not working at anyplace and anytime. In the absence of one designated place to work in, we end up working nowhere. That is not our fault that is how we are wired to behave.

In order to be more efficient or to work properly, we need to have a proper place to sit and work. If you have a designated place and time to sit and work then long before you take your first step towards that designated place, your unconscious mind starts preparing your body for the task. This priming doesn’t happen in the absence of a designated place and time to work in.

As you have left your day job, you must not have any office to go to. In this situation, you need to make a small home office in any corner of your house where you can go to work. Your office is not supposed to host a big cabin like the one your boss had in your office, you just need a small space where you can put everything that you need to do your work.

What do you think, is a small home office is a must for every freelancer? Use the comment box to share your view on this.

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