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26 Jun 09 Constantly Creating New Ideas And Topics

When your profession falls into writing, no matter what sort of writing it is that you do, the demand for coming up with new ideas is always very, very high.  Therein lay the problem of keeping up on that demand with new relevant ideas to write about.  Which is why you need to make sure you’re well aware of the many tactics writers use to help them come up with new ideas constantly.  Just remember, this is a skill that will take a lot of practice to really maintain properly, but keep at it and you’ll find yourself having more new ideas that you’ll ever know what to do with.

One of the most common methods, and one that you should most definitely be employing already, is to keep an idea notepad with you at all times.  Not necessarily an actual pen and paper mini notebook, but something to function as such.  If you have a smart phone, like an iPhone or Blackberry, you can use their note taking features to quickly jot down anything that pops into your head.  This keeps you ahead of the game with a wealth of ideas that you can look to later, when you find yourself in need.

Read.  Can’t stress that one enough.  The more you put your energy towards learning new things, or reading new ideas, whether through books or magazines or online articles, the more information you’re taking in that you can call upon at a later date.  Extraordinarily useful when coming up with a new topic to write about.

Find a friend or colleague to bounce a few ideas off.  Let them know about the concept and tell them some things you were considering, or ways you want to approach writing about the idea.  The input they have could help you guide yourself into a brilliant new direction you couldn’t have thought of on your own.

If you find yourself struggling to think of anything while sitting at your desk, take a break.  Go outside for a few minutes, get some fresh air and clear your head.  You’ll find yourself feeling much more refreshed, and after wicking away the fatigue, you’ll be in a much better place to re-energize your thinking.

Finally, as a last resort, twist around another idea you’ve already read about or heard about.  If you can’t find an idea all to your own, borrow someone else’s.  Don’t just rehash an article or book that you’ve read before of course.  But take what you learned there, or the basic concept, and apply it to your own outlook, and your own unique writing voice to manufacture an entirely new piece of work.

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09 Apr 09 Is Nokia’s N97 The Smartest Of The Smartphones?

As far as smartphones go, for something reliable, and with plenty of industry support, you’re likely to go for either an iPhone or a Blackberry.  But, if any of the hype can be believed, Nokia just may have a smartphone to outdo anything seen on the market previously with the long awaited Nokia N97 which is set to release next month.  Although I’m a bit leery, especially considering the way Nokia has promised to conquer in the past, and has as of yet failed to do so.  Well, that and the fact that the last iPhone killer, the Blackberry Storm, wasn’t so much an iPhone killer, as it was a bad iPhone imitation.

But N97 has plenty of features that would set it apart, and make it a fantastic addition to the smartphone lineup.  One of them being Nokia’s trademark flip up screen revealing a full and remarkably easy to use QWERTY keyboard.  Much better than either the Storm or iPhone’s on screen keyboards that can be a bit touchy to use accurately, especially when you’re trying to type something quickly.

Not to mention the N97 also offers 32GB of on board memory, as well as offering a micro SD card slot, which means you can add another 16GB of space, leveling out the N97’s storage space to 48GB.  Much, much larger than either the iPhone or Blackberry, and considering you can use multiple cards, the N97’s memory is pretty much limitless. A huge advantage over iPhone which doesn’t offer any removable memory options whatsoever.

And let’s also consider the fact that the N97 will also offer A-GPS as well as traditional GPS.  The abilities to play WMA/MP3/WAV/AAC audio files, and WMV/MPEG4/GP2 video files.  N97 will have a pocket office function, with mobile versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF Viewer, making it perfect for finishing up that PowerPoint presentation for work at the last minute.  All that and a motion sensing touch screen the likes of iPhone and Storm.

Meaning on paper the Nokia N97 looks pretty good, except that most of the tech demo videos show a phone that seems to be fairly buggy, and ridiculously unresponsive at times.  Which is exactly why I’m not buying into the hype, and I’ll be waiting until the N98 is released with all the same features and none of the bugs that will be reported.

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