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23 Dec 09 What Freelancer Writers are Afraid of

We all are afraid of something. Sometimes fear is good, it helps us from wandering off the track, but when it starts affecting our growth it becomes troublesome. This is true with freelance writers as well. They too are afraid, and this has nothing to do with their present condition. Even the experienced freelancer writers have these fears. The most common among them are described below.

Fear of unknown

Being afraid of things that we do not know is quite natural. It is human to be afraid of things that we do not have any knowledge about. Each one us has this fear. This fear is natural, but it tastes sour when it starts intimidating and thwarting our development. When a newbie faces this fear he freezes, but when a seasoned professional faces this fear he deals with it.

Fear of not earning much

This is the fear that has stopped many deserving men and women from achieving what they always wanted. Having a financially stable life is everyone’s desire, but if this desire is pushing you to get everything quick and now then you should stop to think. You will get what you deserve, but not now. It will take some time. We all have to start small.

Fear of not getting enough work

This fear is related to the fear we discussed above. Not having enough work to justify the career change freezes the new entrants. When starting out you may not get enough work, but as you establish yourself in the field, you start getting works.

Fear of not getting recognized

People in general seek recognition from family, friends, and neighbors. They want their jobs to be recognized and respected. For undeveloped mind, freelance writing may not be a career to respect, and sadly most of the people have that. This thing keeps many from opting for this career, despite all its lucrative benefits.

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