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11 May 11 Why Should You Work in a Team?

Team work – that’s what every recruiter is screaming loud these days, one important quality they look for in a candidate. Knowing the significance of time and stress it brings along, companies recommend team work at every step of work and count it as the only way to move up the ladder fast. What is this team work all about? As per the formal definition ‘Teamwork is the concept of people working together as a team for one specific purpose under the same value and language’. That means when a group of people work together, share load of the given task and distribute work among themselves while keeping in mind the common goal; teamwork takes place. But why teamwork is that important, that every recruiter makes sure you are ready to work within a team. Here are some reasons, benefits of teamwork.

One vision, many hands

Biggest benefit of teamwork is that there is just one fixed goal and multiple minds to work on the same. It eases the process, lightens workload on each mind, and helps multiple ideas to crop up since multiple minds are involved. Since all have same goal in front, there is less chance of deviation from the end goal and multiple reasons of better ideas to come on the surface. Since every mind thinks differently, there is always chance of bringing multiple new thoughts and ideas on the table.

Time saving

Major benefit of working in a team is time saving and finishing work within the stipulated time, meeting deadline with an ease. Great work makes no sense to client if it’s not finished within the time and remains incomplete. Since a team shares responsibility and divides work as per the skills required. This way deadline is easily met.

Better adaptability and flexibility

Since people work in a team, there is less of self defensive attitude found among the team workers. People adapt better to the given situation, are found less obsessed with own work, are more receptive and adaptable to new ideas, suggestions and situations which is not seen when people work alone. People learn more in a group as one may commit a mistake which is checked by fellow group members. If one doesn’t know certain things can also learn from co-workers. People working in team are more flexible, ready to changes and new innovations.

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