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07 Jan 09 How to improve your Computer´s performance

For those who like powerful racing cars and know the effort that teams put in to getting maximum speed on a F1 race they will certainly understand how important it is to have a computer that is operating efficiently and that gives top results. Organization is the key to achieve this.

At times we have hundreds of files on our computers that we do not use, just sitting there. We should establish periods that we do a bit of system cleaning on the computer, deleting unnecessary files and organizing folders in an efficient manner that makes them easily found and with the proper file headings.Computers are like cars they need to be maintained!.

If you have experienced a few system hang ups and had to reboot the computer it is worth running scandisk on the computer to detect and fix errors that arise as a result of these system hang ups and the presence of viruses. But what is scandisk you may be asking yourself? Scandisk is a maintenance tool that aims to search and correct bad clusters when a program was prematurely aborted. At the send of the scan a report is produced that informs the user the files scanned and the amount of space scanned.

Always ensure that the signatures of your Anti-Virus is up to date this will curtail the possibility of viruses infesting your computer system. Ensure that you do frequent system checks to detect viruses, spy ware etc.

Never open e-mails if you do not know the user this will be committing system suicide and be suspicious of formal and informal e-mails that may come from friends as well. They usually do not address you personally eg. Hello , we would like you have a look at our pictures thanks bye.

If you use a password(and I recommend you start doing so) to enter your computer, HIDE IT! DO NOT PASTE IN ON A POST IT AND LEAVE IT FOR THE WORLD TO SEE IN OBVIOUS AREAS!.Another useful tip is to scan all Cds, pen drives, floppy disks for viruses before accessing any file on them.For those that are not computer cracks on the matter then every protection can never be enough to protect you as you navigate the worldwide web. Protecting your password can also come in the form of writing a .htacess file that guarantees protection of sensitive information on your system and thus curtailing hackers and possible phishing.

Once you are expanding your computer operations and sense that your system is slowing down, this could be an indication of the necessity of more memory space or virus infections on your system. Installing memory is a simple process that can be done from home if you one is confident enough to do so, or with a qualified person if not.

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