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02 Jul 10 Smart Intel Core i5 Processor with Intelligent Performance

Intel Core i5 Processor was launched in the year end of 2009. Its smart and intelligent performance matches that of humans. You can expect both, reliable performance for the commonly used everyday applications, and at the same time enhanced speed for the complicated operations.

Turbo Boost Technology

When you are working on demanding applications, Intel Turbo Boost Tecchnology augments the system speed by incrementing the CPU’s clock ratio. This feature dynamically increases performance to meet the applications’ load.

Hyper-Threading Technology

What do you expect of your system while working on multiple applications? Obviously, it should retain the efficiency without becoming sluggish. This is exactly what Hyper-Threading Technology – real-time multi-threading technology – does to Intel i5. The 32nm dual-core processor runs two logical cores in a single physical core at the same frequency, thus each core works on two separate tasks at any given time.

HD Graphics

If you want to compose digital music, play games, edit photos, create HD video, or watch internet movies without an add-in video card then enjoy it with Intel HD Graphics. You can experience sharper images and real-like audio and video results.

Integrated Memory Controller

The integrated memory controller permits two channels of high-speed DDR3 1333 MHz memory. Due to the lower latency and superior memory bandwidth the memory controller attains remarkable performance levels. This assists you in working with data-exhaustive applications with an amazing ease.

Smart Cache

You are facilitated with an effortless access to the regularly used data through the Intel’s Smart Cache feature. A shared cache is dynamically assigned to each physical core based on the number of opened applications. Each core is able to access the data from the fast cache, thus making the data availability prompt.

Intel Core i5 offers you with an accelerated PC power through intelligent performance. Intel simplifies by stating “that’s smart performance with speed boost”.

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